B l e s s i n gs   in   Disguise

A huge fire broke out in a village and threatened to burn all the houses to the ground.  The people rushed towards the hut of a monk, who was known to be wise and a miracle worker.  They implored him to perform a miracle and stop the fire.

The monk, however, showed very little interest and was the least troubled.

“Please,” the troubled crowd  begged him, “pray to God to stop the fire!”

The monk quietly entered his hut and when he came out again, he brought with him the many stalk baskets he was able to weave during the week, and distributed it to the people.

They were stunned and surprised by his act since they could not understand what it meant.

“By now the whole village is already burned to the ground,” the monk told them.  “Upon your return to your houses, gather all the charcoal, for that is all that’s left with your houses.”

The crowd was enraged and shouted, “Are you mocking us?”

“Tragedies are God’s blessings turned inside out,” the monk continued.   “Winter is already near and so many nearby villages will be in great need of charcoal.  Sell your charcoal to them and earn huge amounts  of money.  With the money, you can build better and bigger houses.

The crowd left and did exactly what the monk told them.  Upon their return to the village, they found their houses burned to the ground.  They gathered their charcoal and sold it to the nearby villages.  With the money they earned, they were able to build  better and bigger houses.




Throughout our lives, we will all encounter what many call “blessings in disguise.” Whether you come to accept them as blessings due to your religious beliefs or due to your keen eye and intellect, doesn’t make much of a difference – as long as you do see them as the blessings they are.

It is never a desirable moment when you find out the person you trusted and cared for broke that trust but it is better you found out now than wasted another few months or years believing in a lie. You’d be worse off if you didn’t find out.

When a friend of yours stabs you in the back or break your trust, look at it as a blessing. You made a poor judgment call at first, but now you have a chance to fix it and remove that negative influence from your life entirely.

I cannot stress how much of a blessing the time you had your heart broken into millions of little pieces but this allows you to feel things you have never felt. It shows you a side of life that not everyone gets to see or experience. It shows you the darkest side of humanity, and in turn, shows you the brightest side. Having your heart broken is, I believe, what turns a kid into an adult. It is a pivotal moment in your life that, if understood properly, can change your life for the better forever.

These blessings in disguise can be tricky to spot at times and even more difficult to accept, but the fact is that some of the worst experiences in our lives are blessings that change our lives for the better. If we can find the strength within to see our misfortunes as opportunities, we can open the door to the possibility of greatness.



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