One of my guy friends told me that girls are so fortunate because the boys are the ones who do the 1st move. and yeah, girls get this feeling of ‘flattery’ when that girl likes the guy back, or some girls will just like the guy back eventually because of the confession the guy made.

I like this freedom of confession the boys have.  I mean, they are born to do the first move.  It has been a tradition in this world that a guy should court the love of his life, then make his girl feel how she’s important, and so on and so forth. but if ever a girl will be vulgar about her feelings towards her crush, it’s very awkward. people will think that it’s very inappropriate for a girl to do the first move, to the point that they will think that that girl is a flirt.

I am not saying that it’s not fair because guys should be the one to choose who they wanna be with and girls should wait for mr. right, all i’m saying is that boys should stop thinking that being a girl is a very fortunate fact.  Well, it’s fun being one, but not all the time. just imagine, you can’t let your crush know that you like her, because it’s very inappropriate.  How would you feel?

Yeah, i’m bitter.  Whatever!

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