Bicycles and Motorcycles

Kuya Angie
Kuya Angie wrapping his arms around us as I pretend to be a magician.

Kuya Angie, how are you doing? Have you decided to settle down like Ate Meliza? Or do you have another one-night stand story to share? Haha.

The last time we saw each other was when you went all the way from Taguig to my apartment in Quezon City. We had a long talk about my new responsibilities as the head of the family. You know, my dad chose another family, my mom is still ill, my brother is still studying and I have to be strong for them. Guess what, I’m still struggling to compartmentalize my personal life and career. The good news is, I’m purging all that bitterness of the past.

Kuya Angie
Kuya Angie wrapping his arms around us as I pretend to be a magician.

I told you that I envied you for having parents to lean on. But you said we all have our own battles to face. You dreamed of working as an aeronautics engineer abroad and had been waiting for doors to open. But you don’t give up.

You implied that it was all about balance. Sorry, I gave you a hard time when you taught me how to ride a bicycle. But I returned the favor when we played billards. I had always let you win. I was just hiding my potential to humiliate you in the game. Haha.

Bicycles. We grew up and pretty soon, you’re riding motorcycles. You were travelling along a superhighway when a tarp canvas of a truck hit your face. You lost your balance.

You died so soon.

I am sorry I skipped your interment. Same reason that I went back to midnight duty after seeing you in the casket. But man, your funeral was a full house. You touched a lot of lives.

I was in utter disbelief then. Tita Tess and Tito Lito looked devastated that I thought it was fitting to compose myself and not break down.

My mom still does not believe that you’re gone. She almost died too when she was hit by a motorcycle months ago. Don’t worry, she’s okay now.

It’s been a year since you left, Kuya. Thank you for being there when I needed someone to pick me up after a bad fall.


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