Benefits of Having a Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship By Everything Zany
Benegits of having a Dual Citizenship by Everything Zany

I was born and raised in the Philippines. In 2009, I ventured a new chapter of my life to study and live here in the UK. After so many years of living away from my home country, I considered the UK as my second home and eventually became a British citizen. Life in the UK is not easy as some people would think, I will probably tell you more about it in my next blog posts.

On my 30th birthday, I marked this special occasion by sorting out another thing that matters to me — my Filipino citizenship. It took me a couple of years to finally move my ass and apply for citizenship. Since my husband and I didn’t have anything planned for the day, I’ve decided to still make this day memorable and productive.

Best of Both Worlds: The Benefits of having Dual Citizenship

You’re probably thinking how come I’m applying for my Filipino citizenship again.

Based on the Philippine Constitution, once a Filipino citizen acquired a new citizenship (naturalisation) from another country, you will automatically lose your Filipino citizenship and have to apply for the re-acquisition / retention to the nearest Philippine embassy or consulate.

What are the benefits of re-acquiring my Filipino citizenship and having dual citizenship?

I can vote in the Philippine elections.

I can register again in the Philippine embassy for OFW absentee voting to practice my legal rights as a Filipino citizen. So I can have my say on any national issues in the Philippines.

I can stay in the Philippines indefinitely. 

Yes, there is no place like home. It’s a homecoming!

I can own land properties in the Philippines. 

Based on the Philippine Constitution, foreign nationals can’t own a land in the country. So having re-acquired my Filipino citizenship, this gives me back the opportunity to own land with no legal limits on residential or business use, of course, as long as I have the money!

I can own a business in the Philippines.

Having my Filipino citizenship back can now entitle me to own 100% of any business that I wish to build and venture on.

I can travel visa-free in the majority of the Asian and other countries, where applicable. 

Having a Filipino passport also has its perks.  It may not be the strongest passport in the world, but it can save you some hassle and money while travelling.  The majority of the countries in Asia wouldn’t require me to have a visa if I use my Filipino passport, but it would cost me a fortune if I use my British passport due to the extortionate visa prices!

Best of Both Worlds: The Benefits of having Dual Citizenship

On top of this all, I can still enjoy the perks and privileges as a British citizen. I’m sure there are other benefits of having dual citizenship; it’s definitely a win-win situation and having the best of both worlds.

Are you a Dual Citizen?

Share with us your personal experience on the comment box below. Would love to know your story!

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