(Photo Credit: koobits)
(Photo Credit:  koobits)
(Photo Credit: koobits)

All of us will do what it takes for love. We would sacrifice. We would compromise. We would endure. We would give up and give in. And in the end, we would realize  that we have destroyed ourselves already in doing so  and we have left our loved ones devastated too. Everywhere  around you only see the ruins. Where would you go? Inside your heart, there is always a wild storm of emotions. Feelings sway you back and forth. You don’t know what to do. What’s wrong? If love is love, then why does it always have to end up like this?

Have you tried looking up  the sky? Have you tried gazing up the stars? Don’t you think that beyond these fluffy clouds and beautiful stars, there is a BIG God who loves, cares, and longs for you? Don’t you think that there is a God who will do what it takes for love– for His love for you?

He already did it on the cross. It is finished(John 19:30). For so long, He has been reaching out to us. Maybe, we know that He love us, but we never let Him come inside our hearts and we do not let ourselves feel the depth of His love for us because we’re so distracted with so many things. Maybe, we think that His love is only exclusive for the “religious.” No.  His love is for every soul and every breath of life.

He is just waiting for our decision. He is longing for your faith. He is longing for you to believe in Him.

Once you do, watch what He can do. See for yourself how great and majestic God is. Be moved by His compassion and piercing love.  Get your handkerchiefs ready. Once you encounter the true living God, watch your tears flow uncontrollably. You’ll never regret that you believed.

I love those who love me,
    and those who seek me find me.

Proverbs 8:17


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