Beauty Queen Feature: Angelee Claudett delos Reyes, Slimmer’s World Miss Bikini Philippines 2011

Claudett delos Reyes, Slimmer's World Miss Bikini Philippines 2011
Claudett delos Reyes, Slimmer's World Miss Bikini Philippines 2011

When I entered the restaurant where I was set to meet Angelee Claudett delos Reyes, Slimmer’s World Miss Bikini Philippines 2011, I was greeted by a doe-eyed beauty who was in the middle of dealing out serious damage to a fat slice of blueberry cheesecake. I had to hide my jealousy as I sat down and ordered a plain cup of coffee. No cheesecake for plus-sized me! Besides, Angelee Claudett delos Reyes was dessert enough for the eyes.


The moment we were done with our helloes, Claudett delos Reyes immediately launched into her life story, describing everything with her expressive face AND talkative hands! I didn’t have to do any warm-up. I tell you, this is rare; most of the beauty queens I have interviewed need to be asked first before they answer. Claudette on the other hand seems to know how to pluck the questions off your mind…

This is what was left of Claudett's Blueberry Cheesecake... LOL!

And the first question I had was… how could this girl eat like a horse and win Miss Slimmer’s World Bikini Philippines 2011? With the wave of a hand Claudett delos Reyes brushed off my query saying she had a metabolism faster than she could chew food. No dieting or exercise necded In fact, she adds, that it was only upon joining Slimmer’s bikini pageant that she started working out. But at the same time, she is careful to limit aerobic exercise because she can’t afford to lose any weight. For now, Claudett delos Reyes just walks after meals and uses the treadmill.

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Okay, so that’s like the first neat thing I found out about Claudett delos Reyes – she doesn’t need to diet or exercise to stay slim. Life is just not fair is it? LOL!


Now, the second interesting thing about this beauty is that she’s got wide interests in life – in elementary she was in her school’s journalism club. But instead of pursing that interest in college, Claudett delos Reyes took up nursing (she’s a Columban College grad) and is now a licensed nurse. She works part-time as a nursing instructor and her last job position, before winning Miss Bikini Philippines 2011, was Public Information Officer for Lyceum in Subic.

She also comes from a very simple but proud Olongapo family: her Mom, whom she idolizes for being a strong woman, is a property consultant. Another source of inspiration for Claudette is her Dad who is a model employee. He was promoted to sanitary inspector after working for years as a driver. Both Mom and Dad work for the government. Her older brother also works for the government as an engineer. They’ve all tried to convince her to follow in their civic career paths but Claudett delos Reyes says she’s staying in the corporate world once she is done with her Miss Bikini Philippines duties. Her two younger brothers, meantime, are still in school.

Claudett delos Reyes was candidate #11 at the Slimmer's World Miss Bikini Philippines 2011 beauty pageant


The third amazing thing about Angelee Claudett delos Reyes is that she has joined as many pageants as I have fingers on my TWO hands! Here is the list:

2004 – Miss Columban College (winner)

2005 – Miss Private School Athletic Association (2nd Runner-up)

2007 – Bb. Zambales (winner plus some special awards)

2007 – Mutya ng Pilipinas (Top 15)

2008 – Bb. Olongapo (winner – the first ever Bb. Olongapo winner)

Miss Real Estate Philippines (Best in Swimsuit)

2009 – Miss Philippines Earth (Best in Talent – Creative Portrayal of Theatrical Arts – singing, dancing, singing, acting, broadcasting and poetry – she mimicked Charo Santos)

2010 – Hiyas ng Subic – (not in Top 10 – a shock for her!)

2010 – Bb. Pilipinas screening (Claudett delos Reyes did not make it as a final candidate. 🙁 )

2011 – Miss Slimmer’s World Bikini Philippines (She wins her FIRST National Title!)


The year 2010 was a tough one for Claudett delos Reyes; after several years of experiencing big and small pageant victories she suddenly found herself being relegated into a ‘thank you girl’ in the Hiyas ng Subic.

Then, she faced an even bigger heartbreak: when she went to the initial screening of Bb. Pilipinas this year (the one which Shamcey Supsup won) Claudett did not even make it as one of the final forty candidates. At first she felt so down and even hurt. But she reminded herself that God always had a plan and whenever a person faces failure in life, one just has to stand up and move on. To fight the depression she focused on work, saved money and continued her life as it was. The Bible verse that kept her strong was Philippians 4:13 – “I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.”

But when Slimmer’s World launched it’s search for Miss Bikini Philippines 2011, Claudett delos Reyes was once again tempted to try it one more time. Her dream after all was to win a national beauty title and maybe this was THE PAGEANT for her.

When I asked Claudett delos Reyes who she felt was her biggest competitor, she quickly said, “Unique Fadul”. All 5’11” of her. Claudett described Unique as a stunning and formidable opponent on stage. In spite of that, the towering Unique Fadul landed second to the shorter Claudett who is 5’6″. Once again, we see proof that not-so-tall-girls can still win beauty pageants.

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Miss Bikini Philippines 2011 Claudett delos Reyes (in the middle) flanked by 1st runner-up Unique Fadul (right) and 2nd runner-up Patricia Dominico

How was she able to remain confident and win over taller girls? Claudett delos Reyes has this to say:

“All of us are beautiful in our own right, talaga. Pero the way you speak, the way you answer the question parang it speaks of the whole persona. To be honest, ang favorite ko is the Q&A portion. Doon ako kumukuha ng confidence. Also, it’s not just about height, it’s about your aura, presenting yourself confidently and having the X-Factor.


But Claudett delos Reyes did not depend solely on her attributes to compete in Slimmers’ World’s bikini pageant. This girl maximizes her faith. She says that during rehearsal breaks, instead of chatting with the other girls or retouching  her make-up, she would pray. On stage, she would always carried a small ring rosary on her finger which she would clutch tightly once she started feeling nervous. Claudett adds that unlike in previous pageants where her prayer would be “Lord, huwag mo akong pabayaan…” she would pray saying,Lord I know you will give this to me.

ABQ Author, Joyce Burton Titular with Miss Bikini Philippines 2011 Angelee Claudett delos Reyes

Whether it was her X-tra Faith or her X-Factor that gave her her first national title, Angelee Claudett delos Reyes is a worthy winner, tempered by loss, confident through victory and strengthened by faith.

But the journey doesn’t end here for her; Claudett is getting ready for the greatest competition in her life and what could be the last beauty pageant she ever joins: The Miss Bikini International 2011 which will be held in Sanya China later this year. Let’s pray that the Lord also gives this one to her!