Be Yourself: Are you a Fake Version of Other People?

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All People have an ideal persona, which they normally see on other people. It is always looking out instead of looking toward themselves. Most people are never happy and contented with who they are, and so they would consciously mimic the people they idolize, or the people they think represent who they are.

This is where people sometimes go overboard. They try to be whom they are not, and hide the person that they are. Therefore, instead of creating a natural and relaxed personality, they tend to be awkward and tight.

So when do being yourself becomes your ultimate weapon for creating a genuine YOU?

People as we all know, have different attributes — so the trick is, stick to yours. People may copy other people’s way of dressing and physical appearance because it is how they want to look. This is perfectly all right; our fashion style is sometimes dependent on what we see around us, from the mall stores and stars in televisions and magazines.

However, our mannerisms, feelings and opinions towards things cannot be faked. One of the most difficult places to be, is when you are pretending to be someone, you are not. Imagine yourself in a party and you have to act like the life of the party, when you are not, because you want to belong. You will get tired too soon and ahead of others, because you are exerting more effort than necessary.

If you are the bubbly type, let the people see that – do not try to be so demure to the point that your face is already stone hard from trying to hold up a happy response. It does not mean that you should not be bubbly because you are among a formal crowd. Keep the bubbly personality and people will soon adjust to you.

If you are an introvert – you do not need to force yourself in liking big crowds that drown you. Nevertheless, be careful also not to deprive yourself from experiencing what extroverts do. You may learn a thing or two that may help you understand why others enjoy the crowd, and the noise that normally bothers you. Open your eyes, and do not be a stranger to other people’s world.

Stay composed and quiet, if that is who you are. You do not need to put a mask and act like a party goer so as not to be out of placed. When people have become accustomed to your natural self – they will respect and accept you for who you are.

Do not apologize for being you just because you think you are not as good-looking, or as brilliant and as talented as others are. Your being you is what makes the world exciting.

Do you remember entering your high school classroom and looking around you, you see different faces, sizes and height? You knew by heart the names and characteristics of all your classmates. You would know if someone is faking it – because you knew how he or she really is. Each has his own unique personality. That is how you remember them, and what made your high school life unforgettable. There is no one better or more good-looking — because each one of them contributed to your wonderful experience. That is the essence of being different; it makes for a vibrant and meaningful life for everyone. The real you is another person’s unique experience. If you try to mask yourself because of fear of rejection – you are withholding from others your own uniqueness.

Being you is respecting yourself. Do not let others dictate you on how to move, what to wear, what to say and how to spend your time. Do not be a cheap imitation of others.

You can best use your talents and gifts, if you let your true self emerge. Your strength comes from appreciating yourself and your capacity to give something in this world.
Do not discriminate yourself.

Comfort and happiness are two of the benefits of being able to live and move in a way that is in harmony with who you really are.

However, it does not mean forgetting the good values that your parents and your faith have instilled in you. Some people have a wrong notion that because, they are told to be themselves – they will take it as a license to try everything — even though they already know that it is harmful.

If you have a wild streak, and you think that is really who you are, just be cautious not to overdo. As too much of everything has been proven disadvantageous.

Be yourself — but make sure that the real you is pleasant, positive, and a good example and inspiration for others.

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