Bayanihan Parade – Sana Magkatotoo

For a very long time, i have this dream and a concept of holding a very compelling parade that is uniquely Filipino.

First of all, it will become a showcase of who we are (as what we have been doing and witnessing every time a disaster strikes or a neighbor needs our help).

It will be highly visual (as what has been practiced all over the Philippines for hundreds of years).

It is going to be a reminder to the young Filipinos (and yes, many oldies) of what we, as a nation has been practicing as members of our communities.

So, try to imagine a parade not of floats, giant baloons nor showbiz people and politicians. But of volunteers who carry houses on their shoulders. Of a proud culture that is wired in many Filipinos. It will be very festive, compelling, and bewildering!

I think its an event that has long been overdue.

Share this, maybe even convince the leaders you know to take this on.

I made a simple powerpoint presentation in this LINK (my personal blogsite).

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