Bawal Daw Ang Choosy

“’Wag ka nang choosy!”

Whenever I mention to my friends that I find a guy ok, they tell me this line almost immediately. As a result, my defenses usually shoot up together with my left eyebrow. Most of the time, I can cover my irritation with LOLs and big fake smiles. Knowing that I am single since birth, I know they are well-meaning, wanting me to finally experience and enjoy the bliss of being in a relationship, but, duh! That just makes me (or anyone else who share the same fate as mine) sound desperate. And hello, with looks and brains, and personality like mine, I can’t be choosy? (Kidding, but not really) It’s not like I don’t have anything to offer.

They always tell me not to use my head too much. Why, though? It’s the only protection I got, right? If I go for every guy I find somewhat attractive, without so much as having adequate standards, then where would that leave me? In that messy relationship YOU are in? Sorry but no thanks!

This, my friends, is one of the things that irk me. I try to see how good your intentions are, but ultimately, I get offended.. I, and everyone else, have the right to be choosy. Especially because we are not looking for flings but the real thing. It can’t be and shouldn’t be rushed. It’s only fair for me and whoever I’ll be with in the future. Granted that not everything can be figured out prior a relationship, a little thinking won’t hurt. Don’t you agree?


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