Balik-Tanaw: Ang Huling Album ni FRANCIS MAGALONA

“Isa kang Batang Nineties kung nalungkot at natuwa ka sa ‘In Love and War’ album nina Ely at Francism.”

Ang album na ginawa ng dalawa sa mga icons ng Dekada NoBenta ay magdadalawang taon na sa susunod na buwan. Marami ang natuwa dahil muling narinig ng mga Pinoy at ng buong mundo ang himig ng yumaong Master Rapper. Ganunpaman, marami rin ang nalungkot dahil ito ang nagpapaalala na iniwan na tayo ni Francis M.

Bilang pagkilala sa talento ng aking mga iniidolo kasama ang ibang mga musikerong tumulong sa paglikha ng “ilaw”, muli kong inilalathala ang aking pagsusuri sa malufet na obra:

I spent my whole weekend listening to “In Love and War“. This is the “unfinished collaboration album” from Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona. Thanks to today’s technology, Ely together with other talented musicians was able to finish what him and the late Master Rapper have started. And as promised, I’ll come up with my biased review on this highly anticipated and much talked-about masterpiece.

The album opens up with “Higante“, a song which was pre-released last year accompanied with a music video – this is technically, the first single off the album. I was already here in Saudi when I first saw it on Youtube and I guess evereyone in Manila and around the globe got a nice taste on it as it circulated in cyberspace for free. Hardware Syndrome did a great job on the musical aspect of this song. It’s pure energy that complemented with the lyrics that talks about a fight with “giants” which represents hardships and adversities in life such as leukemia.

Bleeder” is the song that gave me the creeps. Hearing Francis sing “‘coz I’m a bleeder, common stick me with your needle, coz I’m a bleeder so give my vessels some breather” will make you come to your senses that this is the most personal for him. Pupil’s catchy rhythm made the track even more powerful…



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