Bad experiences in PGH

pghLast Friday Nov 13 my mother told us the billing section and legal section of PGH shouted at her while she was asking other options to pay the hundreds of thousands of bill (if is it only by cash, check, etc). Why shout at the one asking? The fault is in their communication and coordination. If they cannot establish the rules among themselves, then they should not shout at the ones asking.

Since it seems like it would take years before we can finish paying the bill, would we also count years that you would shout at us every time we try to pay you in small amounts?

It has been months of trying to conquer trauma and bad memories while processing papers, finding sources of funds, etc. Some doctors have been kind and professional fee was down to 50%. Other doctors were not as kind and are forcing us to pay hundreds of thousands of pesos with matching raising of voice even if they were not able to save the patient. It feels like extortion.

Honestly I would not recommend that hospital to the poor like us. It is really not for the poor. The fees feel the same as private hospitals. Plus PCSO and many politicians do not grant financial help to the patients of that hospital. They also has many lapses.

Hoping healthcare in the Philippines will improve.