July 20, 2017 R.F. Baria 0

“The purest form of happiness that you will experience in your lifetime, is the happiness knowing that you are loved without expectations.” The sun scorched […]


July 17, 2017 R.F. Baria 0

She gave up on her dreams so she can be a great role model to you. You became her world the moment we were born. […]


June 26, 2014 R.F. Baria 0

I thought of seeing you today…for the sight of your magnificence draws me into a wonderland of splendor alien to the banality of existence. The […]

Sa May Bintana

January 5, 2012 R.F. Baria 8

Dalawang oras na lang kitang makakasama. Dalawang oras na lang kitang makikita. Dalawang oras na lang kitang mahahawakan. Dalawang oras na lang kitang masusulyapan. Dito […]

Mall of Asia By HOTBOX Creations

Where The Wind Blows

August 2, 2011 R.F. Baria 0

“Hi. What are you doing tonight.” A simple sentence can open lots of possibilities — answers to boredom, alternatives to plans that did not materialize, […]