Up For Nomination

October 11, 2014 tagpi1969 0

Like most Filipinos, i sometimes feel like we have not moved on since the ouster of the Marcoses. Sometimes i feel it has become worse. […]

Try Harder, Mr. Binay

September 25, 2014 tagpi1969 4

You almost had me at hello. Or maybe at powerpoint. At first glance, i thought it was a good presentation. Quick and crisp, straightforward and […]

Mr. Binay

September 19, 2014 tagpi1969 161

Mr. Binay, I read the transcript of your speech a couple of times. Here are my thoughts (as if it matters to you, but let […]

Of Fogs and Friends

April 21, 2014 tagpi1969 1

I remember moments, not years. I remember friendships, not faces. I remember milestones, not fleeting moments. I remember my failures and mistakes, the lessons, my […]