October 4, 2016 pleiades 0

Nakaupo ako sa isang bato sa isang bahagi ng hardin. Ang hardin ay naliligiran ng akasya sa bandang kanluran. Sa hilagang-silangan ay may mga puno […]


January 8, 2016 pleiades 0

Way back nine years ago, I entered the world of teaching without any clue on what will I find there. Well, I knew that time […]


November 30, 2015 pleiades 0

Bakit kailangang ako pa ang makaramdam nito? Hindi ko naman hiniling ito. Oo, sa simula masarap sa pakiramdam, ngumingiti ako dahil sa iyo. Ikaw ang […]

Good Morning!

November 24, 2015 pleiades 0

The chill of the silent darkness pulled me back to reality. I tried to cover up my whole body with the thick cover and yet, […]

Chapter X

November 2, 2015 pleiades 0

It is a familiar darkness. There are only two sources of illumination – the glittering stars of the sky and the ember essence of the […]

Shooting star

October 24, 2015 pleiades 0

This day marks the day how it all started. It has been a year now. Take or add a day or two. It went like […]


May 1, 2015 pleiades 1

I don’t expect but please don’t give me false hope. Please don’t make me hope… I know that you will have your own life now, […]