The Next Alcantara: Raising AZKALS from Rubbles

March 2, 2015 Paula Bernasor 0

It is not yet certain when we will find the next Alcantara but a part of him lives in every Filipino. If these children can rise up from nothing, so can the rest of us Filipinos. We are not mere spectators of a match, we are players. Let it be an impetus towards real nation building.

Take On The Trash

September 28, 2012 Paula Bernasor 0

  Thinking of throwing your trash somewhere else besides the garbage can? Think first. Known for it’s breathtaking sunset, most of us have gone to Manila Bay […]

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Help Fight Dengue

September 14, 2011 Paula Bernasor 2

In lieu of the current cases of dengue in Cebu, an Inter-organization Anti-Dengue Larvicide Campaign set on September 25. The same activity was done last year. […]

Terroristang Tunay

May 4, 2011 Paula Bernasor 27

Osama is dead!!! Wohooo!!! So dapat na ba tayo magparty? Pero sandali lang, nung namatay ba si Osama nawala na rin ang terrorismo? Eh bakit parang nakamit na natin ang world peace sa pagkamatay nya? Buhay pa naman ang mga terroristang tunay.

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Batas sa Pinas

April 16, 2011 Paula Bernasor 34

Batas dito, batas doon. Marahil isa na tayo sa mga bansa na napakaraming batas. Pero ramdam ba natin ang mga ito? Mañana habit maituturi ang […]

Batang Snatcher

April 6, 2011 Paula Bernasor 85

This was one incident that I will never forget. I went home sad. Not because I lost money. I was saddened with the fact that kids who will eventually be the future of our country are exposed to the harsh world. Whatever happened to children rights?

Bigas ng Pilipinas

April 3, 2011 Paula Bernasor 20

Sinong Pinoy ba ang hindi kumakain ng kanin? We, being Asian, are fond of eating rice. It is our staple food. “One grain of rice equals one bead of sweat”, means the high level of labor involved in the production of the rice.

As rice eaters, we should not forget how hard it is to produce rice. We are lucky enough that we have farmers who work hard just to provide us with our staple food despite the fact that they themselves find it hard to procure such.

Krisis Kringle

November 10, 2010 Paula Bernasor 0

Cool breeze blowing  through your hair, shorter days and longer nights and more happy songs played in radios and malls. It’s that time of the […]

Kamote FTW!!!

November 9, 2010 Paula Bernasor 6

Kamote Cue! Kamote Chips! We always hear our local maglalako and street vendors selling this. In the market, we see kamote and we appreciate how […]