Pinoy Porma

November 19, 2018 Paula Bernasor 27

Kelan ba nahiwalay sa Pinoy ang pagiging maporma? Marahil ang pagiging maporma ng mga Pinoy ay minsan nagiging dahilan kung bakit nadadagdagan ang mga pasanin natin sa pang araw araw.
Kelan ba tayo titigil sa kahangalang ito? Di ba natin kaya na i-sacrifice ang porma para sa mga bagay na mas mahalaga?

The Day I Almost Died

November 18, 2018 Paula Bernasor 18

Seeing the news reports regarding the recent calamity that struck Iligan and Cagayan de Oro reminded me of one my most unforgettable life event. It reminded me of the day that I survived.


Diving in Camiguin

November 16, 2018 Paula Bernasor 5

“Island Born of Fire”, Camiguin is the second smallest island of the Philippines in area and in population and yet it offers a lot to travellers. In this island, you can create your own adventure, whether it is visiting the old ruins, swimming in refreshing springs or in my case diving.

Sunset in Liloan

Mermaid Wandering: The Unspoiled Beauty of Southern Leyte

October 15, 2018 Paula Bernasor 0

he problem with the Philippines is that we have too many islands. There are so many options that you cannot possibly visit them all in a month! However, when people ask me for suggestions, I rarely suggest the popular ones. Why? Because other islands are also deserving of appreciation and have the same if not better things to offer. I am guilty of exploring my own province and nearby destinations quite late. One of the places I have grown fond of visiting is Southern Leyte. Why? The province offers a rustic and unspoiled beauty that is conveniently near to Cebu.

Rebuilding A Filipino Home From Start To Finish

September 20, 2015 Paula Bernasor 0

Krizzia Bacoy’s life was left in pieces following the disaster. Typhoon Haiyan, the largest to ever make landfall, swept across the Philippines leaving the then 23-year-old mother-of-two clinging to a tree and holding her youngest son close to her just so they could survive.

My Untold Tacloban Story

July 19, 2015 Paula Bernasor 14

I will never go back to Tacloban! I swore myself this 4 years ago out of scorn. I was a lost nomad with an unset direction and unclear vision. What Tacloban gave me was the priceless gift of clarity and hope.