August 20, 2018 mistyblaze 0

There are days when you would rather be alone, and it’s okay. And in some, you choose to drown yourself in noise, just so you […]


August 19, 2018 mistyblaze 0

Busy streets with busier folks. No conversations nor eye contact. If you ask me, I prefer that. Because I don’t care much for idle talks, […]


August 17, 2018 mistyblaze 16

Wallflower. That’s what I was. I sit still, and look around; trying to not get into the light. I wanted to be heard, but not […]


August 15, 2018 mistyblaze 0

And there you go missing again. Lost in your thoughts and regrets and silent longings. The nemilitver ending struggle of heart and mind. You miss […]


July 28, 2018 mistyblaze 0

This hope of having you back had taken quite a lot from me. To think that I only wanted to  keep it peaceful or to […]


July 28, 2018 mistyblaze 0

All day long, you wear that mask and pretend you’re alright. You smile, you say yes, you nod. You frown when it’s expected; you’re tired […]


July 28, 2018 mistyblaze 0

I had been running around the same park for almost an hour. I did not want to stop. This had been my sole escape. If […]


July 23, 2018 mistyblaze 0

Back to that cold dawn, and I feel the chill creep to my heart again. And I remember fear in his eyes as he quietly […]


July 22, 2018 mistyblaze 0

I was full of loathing. For us both. But I hated myself more, because I allowed everything to ruin what I tried so hard to […]


July 22, 2018 mistyblaze 0

  Allow yourself to feel, but know when to stop. You are allowed to feel, and sometimes also allowed to hurt, but know where to […]


July 20, 2018 mistyblaze 0

I had wanted to tell you my heart breaks slowly, and it’s so painful. But I never want you to know it does. Because you […]


July 20, 2018 mistyblaze 15

Love is always patient; love is always kind; love is never envious or arrogant with pride. Nor is she conceited. And I am never patient. […]

My Truths

July 19, 2018 mistyblaze 0

I go on about life pretending everything would be fine — eventually. And I keep holding on to Hope and in Faith, as if it […]


June 24, 2018 mistyblaze 0

My dearest, we are at a crossroad, and it feels like the sky is about to turn gray. Like the road ahead leads to a […]