The Aldub Serendipity

November 28, 2015 Jo Cerrudo 0

The Aldub Serendipity The Aldub loveteam is a pleasant surprise. It is a fortunate happenstance of a split screen romance gone viral. Undeniable chemistry propelled […]


February 14, 2013 Jo Cerrudo 2

 Another Brownie story… dedicated in memory of a special and beloved dog.  Liam woke up to the sound of the outer kitchen door banging.  It […]

Guilty Pleasures Part 2

December 5, 2012 Jo Cerrudo 15

I am as guilty as everybody else. I proclaim my preference for things that may be considered campy, embarrassing, and unsophisticated by some misguided souls. […]

A New Beginning (Photo credit: missyshopperboutique.wordpress)

Starting Over

June 17, 2012 Jo Cerrudo 0

“Go for it, Andy.“ “Uncle Frank, mom thinks I should reconsider. I will be the only divorcee in the family.” “Life is too precious to […]