June 5, 2013 Joy Sagdullas 0

Ikaw!  Oo, ikaw.  Ikaw nga ang tinutukoy ko. Kailan ka ba matututo?  Ayan ka na naman eh.  Paulit-ulit ka na lang. Ilang beses mo na […]

That Night

December 5, 2012 Joy Sagdullas 0

And in the semi-darkness of the room, he watched her sleep yet again as he sat on a chair beside their bed like he always […]

Her Phantom Menace

December 4, 2012 Joy Sagdullas 0

He came to her in the night—her phantom—whispering dark promises and kissed her until she ran out of breath. Her taste, he can never get […]

Read It and Weep

November 17, 2012 Joy Sagdullas 0

And in your mind, you perfected him. Tsk… Tsk… Always wanting what you cannot have, Dearie. Isn’t that kind of sad? You fancied yourself in […]


November 13, 2012 Joy Sagdullas 1

 I had been standing outside the door for what felt like the longest time.  The coward in me wanted to turn back and just leave, […]