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August 8, 2013 Den Dominguez 0

Kuya.  It’s a word we use as a term of respect for a male older than us, whether they be our family, friends, relatives or […]

My Body, My Choice

September 24, 2012 Den Dominguez 0

Sometimes, when me & my girl friends talk about babies & our kids, the topic of contraception comes up.  The typical exchange goes like this: […]

Party, party!

January 15, 2012 Den Dominguez 5

Who doesn’t love to party?  Whether big or small, simple or grand, special occasion or just because, we like to party or celebrate. But we […]

breaking free

December 28, 2011 Den Dominguez 2

The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear. – Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize recipient & […]

Status symbols

December 23, 2011 Den Dominguez 14

A few days ago at a meeting we were talking about how a large income is no guarantee that people have savings or are financially […]

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Pretty women

December 12, 2011 Den Dominguez 24

Maybe I’m a closet lesbian, but ever since I can remember I’ve always loved looking at pretty women.  Mind you, I only look, there’s nothing […]

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Frustrated optimist

December 11, 2011 Den Dominguez 12

Frustrated optimist, that’s how I could best describe myself when it comes to my feelings for the Philippines. I am currently reading “That Used to […]

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Redefining success

November 30, 2011 Den Dominguez 4

With the global economic crisis in full swing, millions of people all over the world losing their jobs, their homes, their savings drying up, maybe […]

No, Thanks!

November 26, 2011 Den Dominguez 8

Originally posted on my friendster blog 5/6/08, with a few revisions. ——————————————- I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.  Drinking alcoholic beverages is an acquired taste, & I […]

On Aging….

November 23, 2011 Den Dominguez 7

Originally posted on my friendster blog 1/22/08, with a few revisions. —————————————- Another year is about to end, & I often hear, “Hay, tatanda na […]

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November 18, 2011 Den Dominguez 9

Originally posted on my friendster blog 05/29/2009. ——————————– I was on the bus when I overheard two Pinays talking about someone else they knew.  One […]

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Indecent proposal

November 16, 2011 Den Dominguez 1

Originally published in my friendster blog 02/10/09, with a few minor revisions. ———————————————— I was chatting with a former coworker & now friend of mine […]