Pacquiao Proud

July 17, 2018 danmeljim 0

A splinter in one’s toe, shoots pain all the way to the brain. Not only is it bothersome, it hurts. Much like the damning criticisms […]

Trillanes and Lascanas

February 25, 2017 danmeljim 0

In Lascanas’ much ballyhooed saintly turn around and mea culpa, Trillanes’ hand is more than apparent, it is the one pulling the strings. In the […]

On the EDSA Spirit

February 25, 2017 danmeljim 0

An open letter to the Filipino people on the EDSA spirit: No, I am not Socrates Villegas who is writing to the dead Cardinal Sin. […]

I am Emilio

July 8, 2016 danmeljim 0

I am Emilio Emilio shined his shoes, ironed his uniform, shaved and got ready for his midnight shift. Spick and span, he checked himself on […]

The Night Before Digong

May 23, 2016 danmeljim 0

June 29th, 2016 The room was not only filled with excitement, laughter and smiles. There was electricity in the air. There was energy and enthusiasm […]