ASWANG in Portland!

Grimm is one of my favorite shows on American TV. I love how they explore cultural folklore from all over the world. This weeks episode is very dear to me. As a kid in Manila, I grew up learning and seeing movies about Aswangs. Every time someone in my family is pregnant, we always assume there is a Tik-tik when we hear noise on the roof or when the lizard makes a ticking sound. I once formed an Aswang hunting party when rumors of a Mananangal spread around Manila in the 90s. With the addition of learning that a successful Asian actor, Reggie Lee is Filipino (and not half white and half Pinoy for a change), the recent episode brought back a lot of childhood memories.

The “Mommy Dearest” episode was developed with the help of Reggie Lee who grew up in the Philippines and just like many of us, grew up scared of Aswangs. It’s pretty awesome to watch people speaking Tagalog on American TV and the actors talking about how scary the Aswang is.

The Filipino folklore is very rich; famous writer Neil Gaiman’s favorite Aswang is the Manananggal and the show Grimm can complete an entire season just covering Filipino myths and legends.

Which Aswang scares you the most?

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