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His Artistry Was Once Prophesized and  by His Discipline His Works are Like the Soothing Sound Awaited in the World of Art.

Art for many is haven, but for him it is a perfect tool of discipline; it unfold the tune to creep upward for a better person, where determination and dream work together in complementary with the attitude. His father once wrote, “Victor could be a rock out of which he shall carve out of a perfect self. When that day comes he will be doubly proud that my mallet was never used to strike the head of his chisel”. The prophecy of his father is happening somehow, and Victor goes beyond from what was written, in the  discipline of abstraction and sculpture, he sought the perfect home of his peaceful heart and the sole light of his loving soul.

Victor Sales Puruganan was born on October 20, 1956, in Ilocos, and conceived as the 7th among nine children and the fifth son of late Ricarte Puruganan (Painter and writer, a former student of Amorsolo and batch mate of Edades in late 1935) and Victorina Sales Puruganan.

At an early age Victor showed an aptitude for drawing but his father peculiarly see that he is less interested in academe where architectural course, primarily uses tools and Victor  would simply want to move his hand freely over a drawing board or canvas. He said, “I wanted to take fine arts, but too much opposition”. Reflecting with what his father once wrote, “Perhaps he wanted very much to enroll in a school of fine arts but he knew I would discourage him, aware of all the hardships a painter in my earlier days had to go through”. Though his father was a college professor of art, that he could have taught him the proper ways, he  seemingly opposed it for allowing Victor to grow by himself.

Notably, he pursued his dream as a painter and innovating his own style differently from what his father abstraction style and a bit away from the western influence.

His style is not a form of movement to isolate him in the art but as a master of abstraction, it is his natural mean to further experiment, through what power does a medium and creativity bring such transformation in the canvas. The style provide a glimpse  and teach us that life is about decision making and we form our own reality through those decisions. Like how a little bit he losses his hope when his father did not support him in going for fine art, but through discouragement that somehow motivated him to pursue his passion in art and excel. In an open perspective, looking at his painting, it also tells us same story of encouragement and success that every unforseen mistake is also an opportunity to recreate it for a good purpose. His art make us believe that every heart that pulses has equivalent  multi dimensional aspect of quantum physics through natural patterns called  symmetries of the soul.

In his own introspection, natures and its element seen in our portal world and beyond the universe are his other source of inspiration to create art. It seems like his concern is how the space and time relates the moment of every living things. As a refine visual artist, his deeper interpretation and perception are influence by the planetary sciences related to space as astrology  and behavioral studies called the psychoanalysis as a huge motivation he is not perhaps aware of. Like the ordinary clouds, water, and fire his painting doesn’t tell the weight and volume of the molecules and the hotness of the sun, rather it represent some sort of belongingness. It has a plain dimension as far as its planetary holds in its balance position. Drawn lines are simple energies radiating through the space. Looking through his series of symmetry abstract paintings, it bound the concept of space and time, that no single words will tell that it is morning or evening but by the visual lines and color rippling through the canvas are granting that the sun and the planets are interrelated. It has action and reaction, with insightful conclusion to apprehend about each colors are tone of the time as morning, late, and evening. The same way with his geometrical series. Considering his “Enlightenment” it has depth energy that somehow connect viewers to go through deep reflection about the mysteries of life after death. In the concept of astrology a plane or surface can become a medium of elevation that one or an entire soul may satisfied and find enlightenment. His are abstract of holiness that welcome the soul to the other perspective and dimension to experience the unknown and having feeling of togetherness and after such contemplation, returning with peace in its originating plane.

The way the viewer determine time and energy in his series of symmetrical art form is like how are its stroke in the canvas arranged patiently, thus providing a relaxing visual scheme. Perhaps this could be the product of  his contemplative mood during painting. It is his playful moment of how its simple lines once placed closer to each other affect the presence of light or dark. “Don’t rush when you do painting”, he said, “Connecting colors and to keep them balance in the canvas is challenging”.

A sign of a steadfast heart. He called it series of simmering lights which interplay the thickness and tone of colors, from light, mid-light, to dark.  According to him his series of symmetrical art form are purposely all about the sunset’s and Sunrise’s and clouds are reflected to the scenes renditions.  It also relates to the time that played or works on and the green rendition often are shades of trees reflected to the waters scenes.

Art of this kind has deep roots in the studies of Ancient Philosophy; it is like the cause and effect of the presence and absence of other entity in the cosmos, for instance the first stroke of line is considered as primordial subject and the corresponding precedents are its cause. The composition is his inner solitude and a kind of music playing in the inner of his heart which can be feel in every slower strokes once the brush and paint touches the surface of the canvas. He said, ” on, symmetrical art form that’s merging into connectivity of colours. It becomes Expressive Abstraction , because of my appreciation of nature’s.”  Like The first group of Greek philosophers is a triad of Milesian thinkers: Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes. Their main concern was to come up with a cosmological theory purely based on natural phenomena. Victor technique he might not aware of that he conceived the concept of triads similar views of the Ancient Greek Philosophers, which he interplays such concept through lines and colors. Somehow he is the other and young genius  Ricarte Puruganan of 1935, who influenced folk art, sometimes he called it motif art _a tribal form of earliest patterns.

Respecting his father views in arts and having vision ahead about Victor’s grand entrance into the art world’s. Yes, as young Victor, he never thought that the every minute he spent, when he was standing and while his father captured his tired face but unknowingly he has a brilliant hands and strong character of determination, during such time the father was retouching the painting “The Village Crier”_ a painting now displayed in Philippine National Museum  where the boy was holding the drum with a hat in his head would make him celebrities in that book. But the stories of young Victor doesn’t just end there in a printed page of the book, in the featured articles in news prints and pamphlets  or in the prophesy of his father. It has to be re-spoken and rewritten, for the painting was just a resemblance of Victor who played his pallette like the drummer and so its sound be heard in the world. He want now to spend much time doing painting in the studio and that he wished more and to show his works in the best way when opportunity come. This is the discipline he crafted for years in his life as an artist and the rich experience and learning in the standard academe of Fine Art in the City College of San Francisco leaped his courage and enough to hone himself alone, liberating his personal exploration in abstract painting and  sculpture.  Until such seeing a depth Victor now, a more profound and master where his works are like the soothing awaited sound in the world of art. This is through discipline which he doesn’t simply paint and sculpt by heart but also by his soul. He is now into an expression called artist who paint not just by his own heart but what his entire soul can does by transcending in the other planes for reconciliation through mediated energies.


By: Reynaldo Dela Pena

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