Are You (Still) A Facebook Addict? Or Will You Start Using The New Myspace?

I know this is an obvious question because 99.99% of you are on Facebook, and are also online 99.99% of the time.  If you recall, I posted a blog entry a few years ago entitled, “Are You A Facebook Addict?”  It’s basically a top ten list of symptoms that could indicate you are a Facebook addict like obsessive stalking, commenting, playing games, and the like.  Well, it’s time to check that addiction.  Has your condition gone worse?  I know my original post was intended to play on humor, but seriously, do you think you have a Facebook addiction?  The reason why I ask is because I have heard a few people who started getting into conflicts with others because of Facebook. Husbands getting annoyed at their wives because the wives spend more time on Facebook than on their children.  Siblings don’t talk anymore because things they post on Facebook are misinterpreted, and many many more.  What experiences have you had that caused your relationships to be in peril?  This time, it might make sense to really examine your life and see whatever this issue has become more serious.

On a lighter note though, what are your thoughts on Myspace?

Do you feel like you might want to move to a new platform just because you are fed up with Facebook, especially with all the changes in security policies?  Well, personally, I took a look at the new Myspace and did a mini-review on my blog at this link.  In general, I like the design, but the user interface is a bit messy.  I also think that the new site, at least initially, is targeted towards musically-inclined, social-media-savvy, and almost-hipster-like users.  Anyways, here are my additional thoughts:

  • The sign-up process is easy.  Users can use their Facebook, Twitter, or old Myspace account credentials, and the rest of the steps is straightforward.
  • The design is impeccable.  I love the overall look and feel  To put it simply, it’s modern, hip, and sleek!
  • The search function is also very easy. You can pretty much type anywhere on the page and your search words will show up in big-fonts as you type what you are looking for.
  • The overall user interface around music is simple. The Discover button pretty much lets you search for artists, music,  and mixes (which is similar to a playlist if you are using Spotify).  And it’s pretty easy to use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to play music, or skip back/forward to next track.
  • Hmm. What else? I also love the horizontal scroll bars.  It’s breath of fresh air because I am tired of scrolling down pages after pages to go through a specific site.
  • On the home screen, the left navigation is manageable at best.  The sub-navigation choices are self-explanatory like Library, People, Settings, etc.

Now, the top-level navigation from the main page or your profile page is straight-forward. However, it gets tricky once you interact with other people’s pages.  The “connect” button is confusing at first, and I had a hard time trying to figure out how to use it.  The”Info” link was hard to find, (it was buried somewhere in those pages) so there was no easy way to get help on navigation other than trying it yourself, and in my case, pretty much getting a headache after trying to figure it out. Using the connect button to connect to a person or artist is easy, but then it gets confusing as you connect to a song, because I couldn’t find where it would show up after I click the button.

The other thing that’s confusing is creating a mix!  I just gave up completely and almost threw my computer since I was really confused.  Anyways, the rest of the stuff are pretty much the same as other social media /content platforms: radio is similar to music streaming sites like Pandora or Spotify, there’s also videos, photos, and status updates. Nothing earth-shattering on those fronts though. To be honest, nothing breathtaking about the entire platform either, I guess except for the really cool design. Oh well, this is just based on my first thirty minutes on the new site, so I may end up getting used to it.  The other problem? I don’t know anyone in my circle who uses the new Myspace so I had no freaking clue how the whole social engagement thing works.  Frankly, I’m not sure I’m gonna come back to use the site on a regular basis (at least for now). I’m just going to wait and see.  In the meantime, Myspace is a Lost in Space for me.  Sorry JT. Love your music though!


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