Are You Proud To Be Filipino?

I have never liked Manny Pacquiao. I have never watched any of his most talked-about fights even if that would mean being left out of the news next day.

But I have come to realize that Pacman’s not bad after all (I really thought so when he decided to run for the Congress last time). I have come to realize that he is the perfect epitome of a real Filipino. He has always been proud of being one. He was never shy of his crooked English. How about us?
Well, with different races said mixed in our blood, we can hardly identify a pure Filipino nowadays. But what does it really mean to be a Filipino? Filipinos are both preachers and doers.  They love saying and acting their pride of being one. Yes, a Filipino is one who takes pride in everything that his country has given him. He takes pride in having the assets, the qualities and the features of being a Filipino.
He takes pride in being kayumanggi. He walks with confidence though people behind him say he is pango.. He knows Ate Shawee, Ate Vi, Bosing, Da King and The Flash well. He sings OPM with confidence. He laughs with Pokwang and Ai-ai. He falls in love with Dingdong and Marriane. He learns from the story of Lola Basyang. He loves the fine beaches of Boracay and “Siargao”. And most of all, he is not disappointed when he cannot speak English with an American accent perfectly.
I guess the above-mentioned make us truly unique. They make us – FILIPINOS! Today, can we say we are truly Filipinos? Sad to say, we cannot. :c I believe it is difficult for us to improve ourselves because of our extreme inferiority complex – our very disturbing lack of pride! Why? Because most of us wanted to be something else. The poor (and even those who already have enough) wants to go to the U.S.A and be Americans while the rich would love to be part Spanish.
When it comes to our choice of entertainment, we highly disregard those made by Filipinos. Some of us would go to the extent of deciding not to patronize our own products for fear of being mocked. Most of us are keyed upon on what kind of book Dan Brown or Paulo Coelho will release next. We are in a hurry of finishing the Harry Potter or Twilight book series because we do not want to be left out.  But how many of us are familiar with the books of Nick Joaquin and Francisco Sionel Jose?
I guess we are downtrodden because we allow ourselves to be downtrodden. How could we expect the foreigners to love our culture when we do not love it? How could we expect them to view us with high regards when we think we are inferior?
It is just so ironic that some of us are not proud of being Filipinos. But when we found out that Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls, Jasmine Trias of American Idol and Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical who have hit the airwaves of the international entertainment industry are Filipinos, we became so proud of them.
Yes, it is true that corruption and poor educational system, low quality of health care services and the like have continued to be specters haunting every home in our country today. But that is already part of the package of being a Filipino. We should always find a way for us to be proud. We should not leave it to chance because that is our responsibility as citizen. In the end, who else will be proud of being Filipinos except us? So let us find ways to be proud.
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