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5637088426_7ddfa72c63_q_president-benigno-aquinoTime really fades fast, earth is constantly moving around its orbit and as it moves these are the days and nights. It’s been 4 long years since the masses cried out their voices, 1460 days and 1459 nights, the throne is near to its vacancy.

The oddment of the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. and the late President Cory Aquino are still making moves and is the 15th and current President of the Philippine republic. Benigno Simeon Aquino III or commonly known as “Pnoy” is glad to have his parents name still associated with the Philippines in terms of leadership, and continuing the field where their family is known for. The yellow ribbon is on its 5th year, will the masses howl for another yellow, or will just tell what possible color is next?

The “matuwid na daan”, “yellow ribbon” and an elder brother of Kris Aquino is identified by the nation as Pnoy, like any other aspirants, they have also their own mottoes or simply battle cry, but the “matuwid na daan” went beyond mottoes of several political parties. For us individuals, what does the motto necessarily mean? June 30, 2010 is a special day for all, for the man that has been chosen to be the father of the nation is ready to sit on the highest position of the republic. Standing in front of an Associate Justice, Pnoy heartily welcomed his position as he promised to do his duties well. Job well done, the campaigns, advertisements, and moneys have paid off by the heart of the masses, but what’s the real thing of being the head of the state?

Over the years, the issues that wrapped up the country are on Pnoy’s successful works. Declaring the wrong SALN Chief Justice Renato Corona, was impeached by the Congress and eventually relieved from his position. Former President Gloria Arroyo was charged with graft and corruption is currently at house arrest, and those things are under the effort of Aquino’s administration.

From Yolanda tragedy up to the current this administration never stops having issues, from a panhandler to the highest position in the government, the Philippines is always within our concern, but the Philippines is a republican and democratic state anyway, we have encircled Pnoy’s name to represent us in all of those matters and to lead the country to a rope of progress, yet is the “matuwid na daan” achieved? Or still ongoing process with 2 years left? Will Pnoy pass his motto to another administration? Or he can still have the trust of people around him?

Expectation is a powerful attractive force, we have been attracted by his motto but until now we are still patiently waiting for it to happen. The economy scale as what his spokesperson always tells us somehow increased but we do not need to ask if he gave some people disappointment. What if the 44 men protecting Pnoy couldn’t protect back by the President himself? It became their profession protecting people so as to executives, they do it for living, but a car weighs more than the lives of protectors.

Half-mast and wearing black band are not enough in telling Pnoy completely sympathizes, maybe he would tell there are lots of Men in uniform, that’s why no need to worry. We are all covered by this issue. Amid all of the sacrifices given to him, the protectors who protect us do not feel any comfort from their BOSS the way they protect him. If we are called as “BOSS” by the head of state why is it he doesn’t have quite concern about people under his name? His parents really are on the side of the masses without considering what he tells about during campaigns, but as long as they are people’s choice, it was an easy win. We are his “boss”, of course that would mean a lot, but basically we are democratic, definitely the power resides from the people that’s why if you are to analyze it, after 2 years we are no longer his boss.

Several Rallies and protests from Morayta to Recto, and Recto to Mendiola would not mean they’re against the government, shouts and howls are for reminding us they are against who stand as a leader of the government. Do you think they will do such thing just to grant the plea of few? We are with them, because they act as representatives of the whole Filipinos that are indeed unhappy with what is on the present, they wait all day to the gates of Mendiola to seek for answers, they do it to assure the issues surrounding our country will not anymore spread to the next generation.

How many promises he would still tell us, how many challenges would come for his administration, would the decisions of the people tell they picked the wrong one? Well, as stated we are democratic, we own the power that’s why if your vote was just carried by the masses, you have to think of it. 2 more years to wait before we see another mottoes, advertisements and money from nowhere. A promise in front of a national television would tell a lot, but for the one who is on TV, he or she needs to win. That’s why we need to think couples of times before letting our mind decide, and it’s better to turn off televisions during campaigns or if you are really tired of promises, you have to choose not to vote anymore.

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