Are we on the same boat?



Rehabilitating the Pasig River is a gargantuan task, it’s no big joke, mind you.  It is a mission where every Juan and Juana Dela Cruz’s participation is much needed.  It is an undertaking where the public and private participation and convergence are indispensable.

Efforts in reviving the Pasig River dates back as far as the 1990s when the then First Lady Amelita Ming Ramos started her Piso Para sa Ilog Pasig. Then in 2009, the project was acceded to the Managing Director of ABS-CBN Foundation  and PRRC Chairperson Ms. Gina Lopez.

  With the one-estero-at-a- time approach instituted by Ms. Lopez,  sizeable undertakings were accomplished like the recent rehabilitation of Esteros de Paco,  de San Miguel and  de Aviles.  Informal Settler Families (ISFs) along the three-meter easements were relocated, linear parks were constructed on the vacated easements to beautify the area and prevent the ISFs from coming back,  construction of slope protection and planting the riverbanks with plants that can phyto-remediate the polluted water and the use of microorganisms in the bioremediation solution were completed.

But the response to the challenges are not enough yet to catapult these esteros to a Class C level where we envision the river to attain Fishery Water for the propagation of fish and other aquatic resources, Recreational Water Class II for secondary contact recreation like boating and Industrial Water Supply  Class I  for manufacturing processes after treatment.


It’s more than 20 years since rehabilitation started and we haven’t attained yet the river transformation we envisioned.

Where is the missing link then for us to breathe new life to the Pasig River?

Was it on the wrong approach before?  Was it on the ISFs who resist still of being relocated from the danger zones? Was it on the unmindful attitudes (i. e. no discipline citizenry)  and  wanton disregard of  good practices on solid waste management? 

Whatever the reasons maybe,  the  5th Social Agenda of Pres. Noynoy Aquino on the Integrity of  the Environment and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation can’t wait.  It has to be done by 2016  at all cost!

Are we on the same boat against this fight to save our dear Mother Earth? Are you one with us in reviving the Pasig River?

Then start now with your own little ways! Discipline yourselves by not throwing rubbish to anywhere else or worst to the waterways.  Restraint yourselves of minimizing the use of plastics, non-biodegradable packaging materials and products which are deleterious to our environment.

PRRC is committed to attain the vision of having a new Pasig River – clean and alive – reflecting the country’s noble history and progress.  Be one with us. Be good stewards of our Mother earth.  After all, she’s the only one we have!


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