Are We Filipinos Becoming DUMB?

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There is enough of a poverty problem right here in our own backyards. Children of poverty are more to suffer, and on top of it all, the government can’t provide basic human needs to these children.

The Philippines Constitution states that the government is bound to fulfill their Constitutional obligation to ensure free elementary and high school education. Indeed, the government even has to give the highest priority for education.

However, the guarantee clause in the Constitution, have not been adapted into realism and showing a grim picture as indicated by the poor performance in the education sector in the country for the past several years.

The Philippine government still denies the importance of education and the political will to meet their citizen’s educational needs.

The lack in school funding, overcrowded classrooms, poorly qualified teachers and lack of teaching and poor education is no secret. CORRUPTION tends to prevent resources from reaching schools.

These children find themselves on the margins or below of the education system and do not benefit from learning that is essential to their intellectual and social development and will certainly not reach their capacity to develop for their future success.

The 2008 school survey from Department of Education shows around 11.6 million Filipinos age 10 to 24 have never attended school and thus considered illiterate and cause literacy rate low year after years.

All these significant results of illiteracy affect society in their daily lives and jeopardize their future. The growing number of illiteracy problem is quite important, as illiteracy has terrible effects on society, both socially and economically.

That is to say, the more illiterate people there are in a country, the harder it will be for the country to develop. When any child fails to acquire the basic education needed to function as a productive, responsible member of society, child loses.

These children will have greater difficulty knowing for sure the meaning of democracy and they will vote for any politicians that they like and can have a devastating result.

If we want to prepare these children to become our future leaders we should give them sufficient or adequate education, or else, we will send then the next generation limping into the future without the right tools.

On the other hand, the quality of good education is the only fundamental way in the process of creating higher moral ideals for society.

The best example is that good education can play a greater role to better elections, the betterment of economic conditions, the start of social order, the regeneration of society as a whole and in general a more respected culture and society.

That’s how it helps keep societies in order when change starts from an individual through education.

However, it’s unfortunate that educated people in our country are much less in number.

They’re truly outnumbered by uneducated people. In other words, poor uneducated people will cast their vote for the most appealing candidate to them.

Today values and ethics are degrading; the truth is that most of the Filipino voters will trade their votes for a few hundred of pesos which resulted to the same corrupt politicians controlling the governments. And I believe this is happening all the time.

And such representatives are elected time and again by uneducated or ignorant people in their communities even though they’re involved in crimes. As a result, we have number of such dishonest and incompetent persons elected as representatives involved in illegal activities.

What troubles me the most is that they are much more as compared to number of honest and competent representatives.  So, it’s not possible for minority honest politicians to keep under control majority politicians involved in crimes in the government.

I would like very much to say that most of the population in our country don’t understand and pay attention to who they’re voting for.  The main reason is because people are not educated well enough to discuss or understand the policies for which their political candidates stand.

This would be the equivalent of saying, “I vote Liberal Party or Nationalista Party because it is the tradition in our family, or, people voted for this guy because his name sounds familiar to them.”

The corrupt politicians are responsible for our backwardness, but more than that we are responsible because we elect them. Therefore, we need to choose the right candidate for our political system who can make us to overcome from our backwardness.

Voting gives us, as citizens, a chance to get our voices out there and see what candidates are really qualified on the job with what we believe in.

We must first change ourselves if we want to bring changes in our country.  If we want a better government we have to choose the right person in order to make a better outcome in securing economic and social progress of a country positively.

I think it is us that “DUMB” ourselves and twisted views of freedom as a license to do anything and everything. Pretty crazy how we do this to ourselves without fully being aware of it.

In our system of government, we always get the government we deserve, for better or for worse. We’ve no one to blame but ourselves for the mess we’re in now for we elect. The success or failure of the government is the responsibility of the citizens, and no one else.

“What makes us DUMB, or why it’s difficult for us to make significant progress, is our lack of awareness of our own IGNORANCE.”




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