Are art fairs in the Philippines for the rich ?

Taken at the art exhibit
Your comments please in this issue ?
Your comments please in this issue ?

Months ago I have attended Art in the Park 2015 along with my work; hoping that someone will buy it, then I noticed there are so many rich people here elite, socialites and some celebrities. (Don’t worry I will not mention them.)

What does art and money have in common?

Are they buying for patronage or for pleasure?

When you’re rich, money is power and stability, art is also a long term investment for future endeavors.

But when you’re poor you have nothing; as poor people, you’re lucky if you have a roof over your head.

Rich people buy art because they want to get richer from a struggling artist’s work who wants food and material.

It seems like we Filipinos have this notion if you want something, work on it, don’t just lay down all day long in your bed fixing a computer or some laptop; if you wanna get rich then work for it or if you want to be poor and suicidal there’s MRT or a roof.

Rich people buy art because it’s their status symbol in high society, their statement that they have arrived at the pinnacle of their careers through hard work and struggle. That rich people buy art just to get social connection through purchasing piece from the lower class citizen, thus, the rich people only buy from art fairs because it’s acceptable, a sociable and with discounted prices. Buying from art galleries because of their original pieces, sure you can buy it now  and invest on it.

Many rich people when they die, their collections are placed in some gallery or in a museum where nobody can touch it.

Yeah, sure you heard this story before, the rich gets richer and the poor becomes poore, This is merely a statement of truth and inequality. There’s a fine line between the rich and the poor that set them boundaries apart; away and far from the equation.