Ang Mamatay nang Dahil sa ‘Yo

We are fighting a battle we aren’t even certain if we are to win. Regardless, I will fight.

Few days ago, I was browsing photos on Instagram. I came across a photo of a soldier’s corpse wrapped in an army cadaver bag with a lit candle alongside him. It was a photo uploaded by Dr. Ontok, a military surgeon deployed in Marawi together with the Philippine Military troops to fight against the insurgents led by the Maute group. It was a heart-wrenching view while scrolling down my feed. The caption says,

“Few days ago, we talked about our wounded brothers in arms. Today we met again, brother. But we could not talk anymore.. If ever you see my parents up there, please say hi and tell them I’m doing good here. “

I couldn’t help but feel sad. How heartbreaking it is to finally see your comrade again, this time-lifeless. What a tragic reunion there has been. ?

They said that peace has no pricetag.Well then, I don’t think so. We are paying the highest price to date. What an ordeal to see Filipinos fight against other Filipinos. It has taken its toll on us and We are at war with our own.

“When the Power of love overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace” -Jimi Hendrix

How is peace built amid war? This still puzzles me whenever I think about it. How can a war result in peace? ironic and paradoxical -however you describe it .But over time, as for the very situation of this land, I realized that somewhere, somehow, when one thing outweighs another, we go for whichever is of great importance.

I am convinced however, as I recall Carlos P. Romulo’s speech that ” in my blood runs the immortal seed of heroes.” yes, I am a Filipino and in my blood runs the immortal seed of heroes. As I write down words and paragraphs, and as you are sitting on your couch, or commute reading this blog post, a hero is fighting for his life. NO. A hero is fighting for our lives. To the many times they set aside comfort just so we could sleep soundly, to the many wounds and scars they had to endure so we can call this land free, to the many special occasions and events they had to miss just so we can have ours, to the many calls and text messages they could have sent their wives but opted not to just so she would not worry, to the many thirst and hunger while doing the mission just so they can subdue the opponents, to the many sacrifices. Thank you.

And to you dear soldier, if by any chance you come across this blog post, I hope you realize that we are behind you, we appreciate you and we are not apathetic about your endeavors. How, in many ways we wanted to show our support and appreciation but somehow, odds are low. To the long list of your efforts, we value them. To the love for duty you have shown, we acknowledge them. To the many priceless lives that had been lost in quest for peace we all long, we honor them. To the bravery and patriotism you have edified, we remember them. We call you heroes because you are heroes. Nothing is ever noble as your willingness to die for a country you believe is worth-dying for. Salute!

Aling pag-ibig pa ang hihigit kaya

sa pagka-dalisay at pagka-dakila

gaya ng pag-ibig sa tinubuang lupa?

Alin pag-ibig pa? Wala na nga, wala.

-Andres Bonifacio

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