Ancestral House

Our house is an ancestral house dating back at least the early 1900s, in heavy wooden finish large sliding windows with floral glasses.

One sunday morning two elderly people visited our house, one was our new help’s mother the other was a little fat lady. I said… “come in”, as they where sitting in a sofa in front of our house.

They did not oblige, the little lady said ” we prefer to stay here if it is ok with you!” looking a bit troubled and scared. When they left, I asked our help why didnt they bother to get in the house?  “Sir the small fat lady is clairvoyant”, she sees spirits and ghosts.  “When you opened the door and went in to call me, she saw five ghosts walking around inside the house! Thats why they didnt even bother to enter the house”.  The next day, her mother texted asking her to leave our house.

Most of these ghosts i believe is our great grand parents who lived here long ago thats why they did not bother us.  Most who have experiences is our help.  Not to long ago two young ladies were referred to us by an aunt to work as household help.  After a day’s work they settled in early, the next morning one them looking bothered.

She came to me and said ” Sir can I ask you a something?”,  I said,  ” sure!”.
Then she said, “Has somebody died in your house, specifically an old lady?”.   “None that i know of!”,  I replied.
“I saw her last night floating above my friend as she was sleeping, she has long curly white hair and wearing a long white clothing.”

The scary part is she even left strands of her long white and grayish hair on the floor!

The photo was added for effect only and is not the house described in the story — Editor.

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