An unexpected opportunity with Laresio Lakeside Resort

Laresio Lakeside Resort is now becoming more popular among travelers and adventure enthusiasts. This is because they offer the best activities for people who want to experience thrill and fun.

Today marks my one year and two months connection with Laresio. I am very grateful to the management for trusting me to work for them. I may not be one of their human resources or staff but I am very much happy working “behind the scenes”. From making their Project Proposal of the “Extreme sports activities”, writing blogs, making Environmental Impact Assessment Report for their Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) application and creating literary for their website.


First blog- It’s when they still didn’t have extreme activities


The Project Proposal for Extreme Activities
Second blog- Laresio 3 experience


Third blog- When I experienced the wall climbing, rappelling!


As I visited the area last July 12, 2016, I was really impressed on the progress of the resort. They are really trying to address all those negative reviews for their clients’ satisfaction. I saw their improvement from the beginning of their operation up to the present.

From the big outdoor movie screen!! “This is my first love” and then…

  • After some months, they established wall climbing, rappelling, and zip line!
  • Then, kayaks, balsa rafting, slip and dip and cliff diving!
  • Then, slip and fly and vine swing, camping area.
  • And recently they have human catapult, aqua bike, trampoline and zipline in the lake!
  • And last time I visited (last July 12, 2016), they were building a gym and mini bar!

And I am excited to see what’s next! What else can they offer?

Whenever I hear people talking about Laresio, I feel joy in my heart. I remember one time when I was in Nagsasa, Zambales, one group of people talked about their excitement on their scheduled trip to Laresio. Seeing Laresio on television makes me really so happy and proud of it. For just only a year they are now the talk of the town!

By becoming popular of course might eventually lead to either positive results or negative ones. But of course, the former should be welcomed.

How I wish that they may be able to really help in conserving and protecting “Tadlac Lake” and promote ecotourism instead of “mass tourism”.

I also hope that they will consider the carrying capacity of the area whenever they book tourists.

There’s a lot of reasons why we need to visit Laresio. Want to know why? Just visit them and see for yourself.

To the management of Laresio Lakeside Resort, I congratulate all of you for helping the community of Tadlac.  And most of all “Thank you for letting us experience a one of a kind adventure.” All the best!


may2015 b
My first love (The big Outdoor Moviescreen)- May 1, 2015


May12015 a
First photo by the Tadlac Lake- May 1, 2015


may12015 c
First photo with kiddie pool- May 1, 2015


First group photo (MCBC church P&W) inside Laresio Lakeside- May 1, 2015
Second visit in Laresio Lakeside-Laresio 3 (July 11, 2015)
When there was still no balsa raft and the slip and dip is still in its construction phase (July 11, 2015)
When you can only see the 13 ft cliff diving board and the 32 ft is not yet around (July 11, 2015)


Second Group Photo inside Laresio 3 (July 11, 2015)


My first wall climbing experience in Laresio- August 1, 2015


The first group of people who tried the Wall climbing and Rappelling and other lakeside activities-August 1, 2015
A picture with their first Trainer, Sir Joseph- August 1, 2015


Third group photo inside Laresio, (a background of Makiling)-August 1, 2015


My Journey with Laresio Lakeside Resort with Environmental Impact Assessment (ENS 296 group)

The photo of EIA TEAM- September 10, 2015
The EIA team on our way to Biak na Bundok to take water samples and conduct vegetation analysis- September 23, 2015


I and my teammate conducting vegetation analysis-September 23, 2015
Photo taken during the construction of the 32 ft Cliff diving board-October 16, 2015



Our interview with Ms. Cora and our first try of their Strawberry milk Shake-October 28, 2015


An interview with Sir Nino-October 30, 2015


Presenting the results of the EIA during the Public Consultation-November 21, 2015


The EIA team with our Adviser “Sir Nic”-November 21, 2015


Some photos inside LARESIO

My first picture with the 32 ft cliff diving board- November 12, 2015


My niece photoshoot-November 25, 2015


The EIA team having a picture wth LARESIO Signage (the swing freshly constructed)-February 13, 2016
The slide and dip and the giant cradle-July 12, 2016


My recent picture in Laresio after conducting an interview- July 12, 2016


And this is my journey with LARESIO!!!

As we can see in the pictures above, every month, they add more to cater the clients’ needs. Amazing isn’t it?

Thank you Laresio for believing in my skills and capacity. I am not a professional writer and I am not a famous blogger but you gave me the opportunity to become part of your company.

Thanks also to God for letting me find this resort last year. It was never an accident.

“All things work together for good”

Until our next journey!! until we meet again…

Wishing you all the best!


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