An Open Letter To The President of the Philippines

mar-roxas-esquire-full_07B1A2D0492D4EAEBC0AD73F2A6AC681Your Excellency,

First of all I would like to congratulate you for almost completing your term despite all the issues your government have faced.

I would also like to extend my best wishes for your next journey after the end of your stay in the Palace.

It’s been almost six years since we elected you to lead our beloved country. Our perception of your Daang Matuwid gave us much hopes that you will lead in eliminating corruption which has spread like a cholera throughout the country in the past decade.

However, those hopes turned to be false hopes as your own government itself has been allegedly involved in corruption practices during your term. I remember in your inaugural speech where you said these famous lines “walang kurap, walang mahirap”, “Kayo ang boss ko”, and “walang wangwang”.

The entire nation was glad that finally a supposed to be true leader has been elected to bring to justice the corruptions which the previous government have done and more importantly to end this traditional illness that have strucked our countrymen big and small alike. Let me qoute one of your lines in your speech, ” Although I was born to famous parents, I know and feel the problems of ordinary citizens. We all know what it is like to have a government that plays deaf and dumb. We know what it is like to be denied justice, to be ignored by those in whom we placed our trust and tasked to become our advocates.”

During the first year of your term the smell of hope and victory was still fresh with the entire nation waiting for you to act on your promises. Changes in the government have been expected particularly eradicating corruption practices. As far as I remember, one of the biggest names that have been attacked by your government regarding corruption was that of the Former Chief Justice Renato Corona. As we all know, he was a midnight appointee of the former President Arroyo which could have been the main reason why your government exerted all it’s efforts to topple down Corona. But I believe it was personal fight on your part since he ruled against your family in the Hacienda Luisita case.

There were even rumors that you bribed the senator judges to ensure Corona’s impeachment. But this rumors would have not come out if you haven’t placed as sacrificial lambs the senate trio BongJohnJing after the bomb about the pork barrel scam has exploded. Maybe Jinggoy have just exposed the tip of the iceberg. This gives me an idea why you must be terribly afraid in the probable change of leadership after the coming elections next year.

It was just a bit suspicious that Napoles had to talk to you first before she surrendered. Was there no agreements made during your private meeting with her? What is even more surprising is that your government have persecuted only those opposition politicians involved in the scam.

What about your allies? Were they spared? You and your bosses (Abad et. al) have already been used to manipulating the people. When the DAP has been declared unconsititutional by the Supreme Court, you cried foul over SC’s overpowering your executive department. You even ordered your allies in the House of Representatives to pass a law to limit those powers.

I suspect that the grip of power and greed has already entered your head. Yet another event have exposed your incompetence and dumbness when the Typhoon Yolanda devastated the Eastern part of Visayas. Your Kabaro (Mar) has even politicized the situation in Tacloban right after the tragedy. You turned out blaming the city officials for their lack of preparation when it was an unexpected turn of events that hit us. Instead of extending the needed help and funds to the most heavily hit areas in Region 8, you instead took the blame game and praised those municipalities less damaged by the typhoon for their supposed preparation. See how ignorant you must be that even in situations like this you are still politicking the public.

One more thing I would like to emphasize is right before typhoon Yolanda came, Mar tweeted that it seems everything is ready. He was even chosen as the cover photo of Esquire magazine sitting behind construction materials which draw flak from netizens specially those who suffered the traumatizing tragedy.

Mr. President, please, just please stop trying hard assuring Mar’s victory because he will never win. Itaga mo yan sa puso mong bato!!! Haha, naalala ko tuloy yung ex ko. Minahal pa naman kayo ng sambayang Pilipino dahil sa kabayanihan kuno ng inyong mga magulang. Haist hugot lungs.

Going back to Mar, we all know his political ambition trying hard to be a jack of all trades just to win the approval of the Filipino people. He’s clearly a trapo made in plastic. You badly want him to win, don’t you? You want to assure the continuity of your administrations Daang Matuwad/Matuwerk however you want it called. What is clear to me is that you’re afraid to end up in jail like the last 2 former Presidents.

Where is democracy in this country? Why try hard to control the congressmen and mayors to assure Mar’s victory? Are you also going to bribe them like what you allegedly did  to the senator judges in Corona’s impeachment trial? Oh… Kawawa 🙁 Feeling sad tuloy ako para sayo. You are clearly showing acts of desperation. And by the way, why call your LP members as “kabaro”? Are you also a fan of Coco Martin? Or you are just afraid that his teleserye in “Ang Probinsyano” will relive the memories of the SAF 44 that were allegedly used as sacrificial lambs again for your desire to win the nobel prize?

I hate to say this, but it seems that the Mamasapano incident was your karma at the cost of the precious lives of our 44 fallen heroes after your bitter speech in front of the Pope during his visit. In that event, we saw Binay’s reaction after the Pope has condemned corruption as the roots of all evil in our society. It was clearly a hit on his face tough to swallow as seen in the camera. But hey, I believe that was really addressed to your government as a whole after the Yolanda victims cried to the Pope about the abuses and the clear mishandling of your administration when you politicized the situation in Tacloban.

The people knew there was enough fund donated from other nations to sustain the needs and help the fast recovery of the victims affected by the world’s strongest typhoon. We all know that the message of the Pope was for you and your government to address to the needs of the Yolanda victims but instead of accepting your mistake and being enlightened, bitterness and pride took over you. You blamed the previous administrations and recalled  the abuses during the Marcos era just to divert the issues faced by your government.

You even recalled being attacked by the leaders of the Church here in our country when you prioritized the implementation of the RH Bill. You even had to quote bible verses to appear innocent and the victim. You’ve repeatedly uttered the line about being “our brother’s keepers”. And for this I thank your administration for allegedly gathering the homeless people living in streets and thereafter placing them in a hotel when the Pope was in the country.

At least they have experienced once in their lives to stay in a hotel for that short period of time. Maybe it would have been better if the Pope visited our country more often during your term. I may now sound a little bit sarcastic here but I’m really just trying to wake you up.

Spit out that pride and bitterness and reconcile yourself with a prayer. I know a person who is behaving like you, trying to destroy my reputation and steal the girl I love just because of a rift we had in the past. All I can say is don’t allow that bitterness and pride consume you for in the end you will just be doomed. It is how evil works, don’t fall prey to them so they may not control you. It’s not yet too late to correct your mistakes, apologize for your shortcomings and live in peace. Stop the blame games and cover ups because guilt will just hunt you in the long run.

Before I forget, let me now go on to the worst issue that hit you personally. The people really don’t know the real story behind the Mamasapano incident but what was clear to us was your arrogance, neglect and lack of sympathy to the slain heroes and their families.

Why compare the assassination of your father to what happened to the SAF 44? Why not give them honor and credit for the success of shutting down Marwan? Why would you rather believe on the accounts of the MILF on the story of what really transpired during the incident?

If there were no evidence presented by the SAF, maybe the incident would also have been manipulated. Yung totoo? Sino ba talaga Boss mo? Why rush the BBL when it is against the Constitution? Remember, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Your executive power is just vested on you by the people.

As General Luna said it, no one is above the law even the President himself!

We have the Constitution to limit your powers and to prevent abuses by those who are trusted to run the government so please honor it. Again please let the people choose our next President like when we have chosen you to lead our battle against corruption. After all this is what democracy stands for. It also so happened that your mother has been tagged as the mother of democracy, so please lead by example. You clearly had your shortcomings which you can’t deny no matter how many cover ups and denial you make. Yet as I said it is not yet too late to admit your shortcomings, apologize and correct your mistakes so that on your next journey you can live peacefully without carrying any guilt on your chest.


RoRo delivering relief goods and the black mailings of your party clearly shows your party’s insensitivity. It only shows how desperate your party is in trying to win our approval, but I’m telling you such kind of TRAPO strategy will no longer win our votes. Please say goodbye in advance to your beloved Palace 😀

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