An Open Letter to Students who are going through something

Dear Students,

The real world may be cruel but that doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. No one is. No one will be.

You may be a student today and have a lot of worries; projects, reports, narratives, models, thesis and all. I tell you, take it easy. Take it easy but learn the art of listening. Be sure that you have grasped the instructions including the set deadlines so that you are aware. Don’t push yourself so hard to the point that you no longer know the feeling of having enough sleep and rest.

Surely, you will be stressed with the unceasing reminders from your teachers about your outputs but don’t be bothered. The key is time management. You need to be flexible in handling your time. It requires focus. You need to consider first things first. Prioritize. Your teachers will not make you do things that will not bring out the best in you. You just have to learn to believe. Believe in yourself that you can. And when you know you possibly can, make it happen. Dreams don’t come true unless you wake up and make them happen. Make it happen.

Do not just master learning, but also master the process of thinking. Metacognition is learning how to learn. It’s not the what’s but the how’s.

When the time comes that you know in yourself that you have already given it your best, you don’t need to prove anything anymore.

Even if it means a failing grade. Even if it means you are at a loss.

You can never please someone who sees the wrong side in you in whatever you do. That person knows no satisfaction.

In the very first place, his role is to help you up, not bring you down.

You have your own voice, let it be heard. Be heard in a way no one will take offense for it.

Who knows, that person might just be testing you.

Remember how much heat a stone must take before it can be turned into a precious jewel. You’re in school to learn the fundamentals because, truly, life begins outside. The school is a friendly but tough simulation of the things that you will encounter in the real world.

You don’t need to kill yourself with the deadline and requirements. Take it easy. Just do your best. You can relax but never be complacent. You still need to work your way up.

Remember, schooling is the dryrun of a portion of your life. Schooling may not be the whole thing but it is very vital to finish your studies. Your armor and weapon will be your learning and realizations. Empower yourself by going further.

This world will literally trample you to death so you need to fight. Fight for your life. Fight for your existence. Fight not with arms. Fight not with force. But with intelligence and stable emotions.

If intelligence chooses to stay in your head, don’t be too proud though. It is not a license to bury anyone alive. An arrogant intelligence is like a disease. It is serpiginous if you will not learn to control it.

In order to tame it, you need to be kind and sincere. Be human. Feel for others. Be sensitive. Read, explore, experiment- fail if you must. It is but normal to fail.

The moment you accept failure is also the time that you have achieved another milestone in your journey. Where you fall is where you get back on your feet. Life has no rewind. Either you’ll get stuck and die or you stand up and move forward.

Whatever choice you’ll make, you will always leave a mark that is worth remembering. A mark of success that will inspire others, or a scar that others will never choose to replicate. You decide.


Been There, Done That

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