An Open Letter to My Husband’s Ex

To my Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend,

Hi there! You know you got me by surprise when all of a sudden, after 20 long years, you came back to my husband’s life. I guess you are aware that he had moved on from what you did, and that he had already rebuilt the life that you broke. He has a beautiful family of his own, and doing all good until you came back.

I am fully aware of what you did to him back then. He loved you so much, that when you left him, a part of him died. I can’t even imagine the pain you inflicted on him when you chose to dump him in place of someone else you thought was better than him in selected aspects: physically, financially and his social status.

You wasted the twelve long years that you spent together; all because of your ambitious and selfish desires. You thought he won’t be able to give you the life that you dreamed of? You thought he’ll forever be the so-called “happy go lucky” kind of guy? Is it because he was not the tall, dark and handsome dude that you might have fantasized? Or is it because your family never approved of him ever since? For whatever reasons you had back then, I hope you also felt the pain of losing somebody who loved you more than himself.

What kind of a man would walk for two days just to see and make sure that you‘re safe when that deadly earthquake struck?

Have you forgotten those times that he had helped you with your school lessons and reports that you ended up salutatorian and him next to that? Have you forgotten how he made himself worthy for your family’s acceptance? Or maybe you didn’t notice how hard he tried to be the man that you could be proud of? What happened to the “you and me against the world” every time you encountered problems and hardships throughout your times together?

The two of you were given the chance to build a family of your own, when during your college years you got pregnant with his child. But what did you do? You aborted your love child. May God forgive you for doing that, taking an innocent life because you were too scared to face the consequences of your own actions? Got too scared to face your family’s anger? Or perhaps you didn’t want people to know that the Miss Goody Kind of Girl got pregnant out of wedlock? Your reasons might be something bigger than those reasons any one can think of.

But I must say I will always be thankful to you for all the help you extended to him then. I know the entire good things you did for him. I honestly told him that you deserve to be in my place right now. He would not be the man I have loved all these years without you in his back then.

But right now, I hate you for coming back into his life — and mine as well. Because all of a sudden, you want him back that you regret all the things that you did to him and that you feel guilty for causing him so much pain. I thought you said you have fallen out love, how come you want him back now and that you still love him? Doesn’t make sense, right? And the only reason I can think of is that — he had become the kind of man you wanted back then. Someone you can be proud of. You were the one who, I suppose, have supported him and pushed him up to do good and to succeed, but you left him; you thought he won’t be good enough for you.

Why did you come back? Are you aware that trying to win him back is hurting me? Are you aware that you are trying to destroy the family he had built?

No wife should feel the pain I have right now caused by an ex-girlfriend like you.

You have your own family now, why not keep yourself busy taking care of your own husband and kids? Spare me and my family. Be strong enough to face the consequences of leaving him.

Be happy over the choices you made even if they’ve caused you pain. I feel you, but unlike you, I will never come back to my exes’ lives because I have respect for their wives.

I will end this up by saying “a lioness got to do what a lioness has to do.”

I will protect what’s already mine no matter what it takes.


Hurting Wife

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