An Open Letter to My Future Husband

We probably haven’t met or probably did. We probably bumped to each other a time or two-perhaps at the train station, or at Starbucks .maybe at the beach? I’m not sure. You probably were tucking your sperry shoes when I passed by or I probably am busy reading a book when you sat next to my table at the cafeteria .You probably were standing next to me worshiping God at church or it could be that you were that long time crush I’ve been eyeing for a couple of years now. Whoever you are, this one’s a read for you.

I wanted to congratulate you–  my standards are no average. never have I wanted to settle for anything that’s less. After all, my time and companion is something to be wooed and pursued. Having a relationship with God, It became easier to grasp the idea of my worth. And that being said, I knew I didn’t go for someone who holds no intention of loving me the way I deserve. As I always emphasize on most articles I write, we don’t have to throw ourselves to any passerby ( truth be told, I am not in any way desperate) .And in addition, I don’t intend to be with someone just because the society tells me I should get one. Say no to mediocrity. Being alone does not justify the act of settling. A woman of character is independent-her choices are relatively rational and smart. For the record, you made it to my top! You deserve a tap on your shoulder.

My love, it’s been a winding journey before you came. Sometimes, I wanted to ask you a question-what took you so long? Things may have gone differently if I met you a little earlier. But no, I am in no position to have you or our fate be in question. Besides, I think I wouldn’t want it the other way around. I believe that God has perfected this time for us to finally meet. All the roadblocks, bumpy rides, every step of the way He had planned for you and me. In your absence, I was made aware that I was strong and resilient enough to have to fight on my own. I knew I was being prepared for something. In your absence, I grew a rich amount of independence-and so , I developed courage to battle for my own victory. To chase for dreams that I thought was quite impossible to achieve, to go places on my own without needing much people to guide me, to develop a sense of fulfillment whenever I accomplish a goal I had set to myself. To discover that more than just being capable, I can do great; to trusting myself in times doubts start to creep in . To not giving up when I feel so lost and unsure. To trying in spite and despite. To loving myself beyond my own imperfections and more importantly, to believing that God alone is larger than all of it. The process was quite tedious and painful but I survived anyway. Thanks for the ample time of being on my own.

And now that I have you, I hope you find our story enormously beautiful-handpicked and written by the best author of all time.

I hope you understand how I love sunrise and sunsets, how I wanted to smell daffodils and flowers of all sorts, how I Long to jump cliffs and climb mountains, explore the depths of the water and its wild, take a photo of the nature and the beauty of its horizon, how I wanted to have a me time in the sand and the shoreline…I hope you find it amazing, I hope you get mesmerized by them too. I hope they take your breath away – as much as I took away yours.

I hope you embrace the fact that I am not in any way perfect.

I hope you see me as a flower that longs to bloom even with thorns in place.I hope that when you got pricked by some of them, you will still see the beauty in me.

I hope you willfully swim through the strong waves of my ocean-that drowning in my love is the only thought that encapsulates you apart from your fear of not recognizing its depth.

I hope you accept the fact that in certain days, there will be roars and thunders beneath my prowess.

I hope that when my sun fails to shine with its beam covered in mist and gloom, you will still find the light in me.

I hope you find solace in my arms even in the presence of my chaos

I hope you remember how many heartaches I have had before you, that holding it together instead of breaking it will be your worry

I hope you value my principles, that in some days I can be argumentative. That my willpower is extra strong you may feel a little savage. But I hope you don’t battle it out with me.

I hope you understand the extremes of my altitudes that in certain days my pride is lofty as the towers

I hope you magnify the greatness in me. That more than just being good, I can be excellent.

I hope you help me conquer my storms. that amidst its outrage, you will not accept defeat

I hope you wont see me as a failure even if my weaknesses sometimes outpours

I hope that you Love God more than you love me because loving Him means loving me.

And ultimately- I hope you are ready to face the highs and lows and extremes of my peculiar self, that in the presence of my giants and battles, you will be my safe haven -that breaking my heart will never be an option and holding my hand will be your priority.

About romebacsain

she is a Princess of God.Twenty-ish. Nurse. Wanderer. Dreamer. she loves to write, to read books and to travel. Currently taking up her Masters Degree in Nursing at University of Sto Tomas. she chases adventure after adventure. she loves to explore her capabilities away from the confines of others' beliefs. she untiringly wills to discover herself. she wants to be the woman in Proverbs 31.