An Open Letter to Japan

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You and the Philippines had a very painful past during World War II. I have heard the many stories of my mother about how her family dug a hole so they could take cover there during daytime to avoid strafing from air raids, how my great grandfather’s sole is peeled by your soldiers and made him march, until he died from his injuries, because he was accused of being a Guerilla, how your soldiers rampaged the entire Philippines. We saw your power from history books and the many documentaries that were posted on the internet.

It was unforgivable…

However, all these have been forgiven by most Filipinos; we chose to forgive, in the sense that the past has to be put to rest to give way to a new beginning.

It may not be forgotten to serve as a lesson to both countries, that atrocities has no place in history, but the Philippines has chosen to move forward – a positive move, which paved the way for a new friendship. Japan now has been one of the many trusted and closest allies of the Philippines.

Many Filipinos have long been a fan of Voltes V and Mazinger Z during the 70’s, up to this generation’s popular anime culture. Your culture has truly been admired by many young Filipinos. Intermarriages between two cultures have never been so vibrant as well. Both countries have led many economic exchanges, which are the most vital aspect of our partnership with you, and the relationship has never been stronger.

Your country has effectively reintegrated itself in the global community in the past more than half century. Moreover, you have proven to gain the respect and admiration of other countries by your advanced technologies and your many contributions to the world economy, sciences and arts to mention some.

The remarkable readiness of your government during disasters has become the model for other nations to follow. Your sophisticated recovery after every calamity always serves as a hope for other nations experiencing such traumatic ruin.

The discipline and humanity of your citizenry during difficult times only proved that you are a nation of astounding character. The world just watches in awe when you stand up with precision. All these qualities and the commitment of your country to excellence and peace made many nations look up to you as one of the many nations who will lead in caring for this world.

Caring for the world, I believe, is every nation’s duty. Coming from a democratic country such as the Philippines, we automatically become an ally of other democratic nations led by the US, which you are a member too, whose number one duty is to keep justice and peace in all corners of the world.

Now the world has a problem, and lately it has come to your doorstep. We condole with you for the loss of lives of your two citizens in the hands of Islamic radicals while doing their duty to serve the humanity.

However, something inside me felt a glimmer of hope, that somehow Japan would finally put a stop to this terrorist group.

The world has waited and waited for the USA to make a move, but it seems like it has taken its sweet time in dealing with the number one terrorist organization of this generation.

You know what to do. I am thinking kamikaze, but I know you have better ideas.

Finally, you have a good reason to demonstrate your power for the betterment of this planet. The world is behind you. Please solve this problem we call terrorism. Thanking you in advance.


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