An Imagined Love

Goodbye love (Photo creDIT: magicofmakingupreviewx)
Goodbye love (Photo creDIT: magicofmakingupreviewx)
Goodbye love (Photo creDIT: magicofmakingupreviewx)
Goodbye love (Photo creDIT: magicofmakingupreviewx)

A new dawn was breaking. The night before was the last time they would be talking to each other.  They met online and she was swept by his romantic words.  They didn’t know if there’s a future for the two of them. But they love the feeling of being together. They can communicate easily. They ignored the reality that they cannot have a real life relationship. They have different religion and they live far away from each other.

It’s all my fault. I fell into this trap of uncertainty. I tried ignoring the red flags in this relationship. I thought it this love is real. I thought he could be the one. It’s hard to let go, but I must. I don’t want to make things difficult for the two of us, so I submit without a fight.

It’s hard to face the reality of a love dying. But was it real love? It starts out like a dream, but it soon turns into a nightmare. You try your best to make it work, till there’s nothing left, but your heart with all the tiny pieces.  Then you are left all alone.

I was there when you needed someone. But why do you have to leave me? Why did you have to say goodbye?  All of a sudden, why did everything change? It seems that the magic is gone, the love is gone.

God, why did I ever let myself fall in love with him?” She would break into sobs, but soon recovers.

This love might not be real. This is just imagined love. We will really never know each other until we are together in real life. There’s more to life than just one person. As long as I’m living, I am capable of loving and being loved. I will eventually carry on. I will forget this painful chapter and move on.

author: marieands


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