Amo Yamie Crib


It is located near CEU Mendiola and San Beda College-Manila, in front of Samson. At Gordi Plaza’s 2nd floor, on the first floor you will you find Bon Chon, etc. Being located at the U-BELT, their target customers are students.

When we went there, there were students from different Universities such as FEU, UST, CEU, San Beda, AU, NU, NTC, AdU, etc. It was very crowded though the place is very small and can only accommodate few people.

They have three (3) different rooms the first one which is at the corner of the 2nd floor and where the counter is, beside it is a laundry shop followed by the second room of Amo Yamie Crib which is their MOVIE ROOM (PHP300) that can make five (5) people fit through they can dine in and rent a DVD of the movie that they want to watch.

Lastly is another exactly like the first one but they don’t have a counter there. Their crews are very approachable and even though they hurdle because of flocks of people waiting to be served.


When you are caught in a wrong timing where there are crowds waiting outside, go to the first room and get a number. As soon as your number is called you will be given a choice to where you want to sit and make yourself feel comfortable.

Get a menu and order by the counter. Wait for your order and enjoy chatting with your friend or special someone. This is not really a perfect place to chill since it is very noisy but it would give you a picture perfect profile photo.


Their drinks range from PHP75-100+, they also serve chips, etc. They have very little space but it’s TOO CUTE TO IGNORE and cozy too. Not really a place to study and have some private time but a place to chill and enjoy the drink, don’t mind the noise. They have a CHARACTER DRINKS in the menu if you are a bit low on budget yet still want to go and chill there, it only costs around PHP75. Go and visit Amo Yamie Crib and like them on


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