At the height of this AMALAYER issue, so were the parodies, just like this AMALAYER style. (Photo credit:

Here’s something that I spotted over the previous week, and… yes, it was at the height of that scandalous moment where a young lady was caught in the act of humiliating a lady guard and was recorded on video by an allegedly  “citizen journalist.” And by which in return, the netizens flared up against that young lady tagged by them as AMALAYER or Paula Jamie Salvosa in reality. And also, another side of this hot issue were certain people (like… ehem, yours truly) stood up against the  idiotic-and-over-emotionally driven social networking users. Yeah, they’ve gone too much to the extent this issue should not be given much of attention – more than anyone of us should expect. But anyway, I’m not here for any spark of debate so enough of that “BITCH please?” line, eh? Leave it on my Lessons from the AMALAYER shit or at the blogs similar to that topic. I’m here for some kind of lighter stuff to cool everyone now.

What actually caught my attention  then is something that is more than just a funny response to that viral video that gave her 60 seconds of fame (or shame). Here’s a mash-up parody track made by a certain DJBrianCua of the music streaming website SoundCloud.

The audio parts were derived from the original video regarding that AMALAYER incident, and from the very best hit of 2012 – Psy’s Gangnam Style. Yes, the most viewed music video on the video streaming website YouTube.

I first saw this track from one of the tweets of a TV director/critic named Jose Javier Reyes last week. All I can say is… what the hell. DOPE, and what a perfect timing then. It was at the height of that trending worldwide moment of AMALAYER when this track came out, dating November 14, 2012.

So far, it has more than 43,000 times on the playing counter, 50 people have spoken regarding the said track, and 42 times favored. – with majority of its statistics are dated back last week. As of the moment, more than 10 thousand users liked it on Facebook, and 239 tweets on the micro-blogging/social networking site Twitter.

By the way, you can listen or also download the track “AMALAYER Style” via, or you can see the shared/embed version at Maybe that can help you move away from the novelty stuff, and at least… can take a joke.

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First written: 08:00 p.m. 11/19/2012

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