Almost A Love Story

largeIt was gone – just as easily as it started. Or maybe, it was never there in the first place and I was just foolish enough to believe that there is something more – that WE can be something more.

Sabi nila, the best way to heal a broken heart is to let it beat for somebody else. In some ways, it can be effective. ‘Yung sa ibang tao mo ibibigay ang pagmamahal mo, kesa naman masayang sa isang tao na hindi naman marunong makaappreciate nito.

And this is where we have begun. Sakto ang timing mo. You were at the right place, at the right time. During those times when I was struggling to pick up the pieces of my broken heart, you became the tape and glue that held me together. You offered a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to help pull me up. Corny mang maituturing, but for me, you became the light at the end of my dark tunnel. You were the only one who never forced me to rethink my decisions, nor did you pushed me to move on. You understood. Perfectly well.

I have told you, again and again, that you saved me.

You saved me from the destruction that a broken heart can bring. It was like waking up from a very long dream and it was nice to think that because of you, I was able to smile again.

Pero gaya nga ng sabi nila, “Nothing stays forever”.

Akala ko, dumating ka para punan ang naging kulang sa buhay ko. Pero mali pala. Because during those times that you were spending with me, hindi mo ako inililigtas. You were just carving your own hole in my heart. It was like you brought the pieces back together just to shatter them once again.

And now, instead of having a semi-healed heart, you left me more broken than before.

What hurts most is that, just like the one who came before you, hindi ka rin nag-offer ng kahit anong explanation. You just turned and walked away.

Minsan nga, naisip ko na baka inakala mo na ginawa lang kitang panakip-butas. Pero kung ganun man, bakit nasasaktan ako ngayong wala ka na? Bakit mahirap tanggapin na hindi pa man tayo nagsisimula, natapos na agad nang basta basta?

Maybe because, you never felt the same way. Or you never felt anything at all.

I could have been anything you wanted me to be – a friend, a listener, a distraction, a lover. Anything. Because it is better than just being discarded without so much as an explanation. Or even a decent goodbye.

Minsan, just to ease the pain, iniisip ko na lang that you have served your purpose. You have helped me to feel again.

To be alive. Again.

And for that, you will always be my special someone.

I could’ve been your anything. And you could have been my happily ever after.

But, just as what I have said, it was over. Just as easily as it began.

About hashie

I am a woman, a nurse, and a mother who loves to read and to write. I hope that someday, my literary pieces will be enough to make a difference - no matter how small it will be - in a world that is struggling to live in a peaceful way. Please visit and like my page