All I Want is You

(Photo Credit: Muzikoo)
(Photo Credit:   Muzikoo)
(Photo Credit: Muzikoo)

This is the first time that I write. Honestly, I really don’t know how to start this one, but nevertheless I just want to say how I feel.

All I want is you..we commonly use this phrase if we want someone. For the longest time I live in this world, I haven’t experienced being heart-broken; not that I wished for it (but yeah! You guessed it. NBFSB no boyfriend since birth ako).

Now that I’m in the marrying stage and people around me expect me to be with someone and introduce as my boyfriend or fiancée (naks kahit isa wala akong mapakiklala).

I’m happy being single. I get to travel anywhere I want without compromising any dates with anyone, do the things all by my self without thinking that my partner might not like or approve it..but there are times I’m thinking “how would it feel to be with someone special? How does it feel to be in a relationship? How happy would it be to go out with your boyfriend? How painful is it to get heart broken?”  A lot of questions in my mind, and neither one of those  have an answer as yet.

2013 …  I wish and hope I would be able to utter those words to my special someone…

All i want is you!”

I don’t want to sound kawawa here and please don’t take pity on me. I still believe that God has plans for me; I may not be in a relationship, I’m still thankful that I see lots of things which makes me happy and contented..all the what ifs in my life will always be there.

Happy new year everyone!

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