Ako Noon, Ako Ngayon (Part Two)

Hello Definitely Filipinos!

It has been more than 10 months since we did the very successful “Ako Noon, Ako Ngayon” photo feature album.  We have since received many requests, and so we’re bringing it back!  We are accepting original, UNEDITED photos of you or your group in two shots (merged together into one photo), one of the old you and the second of the current you.

Here are the rules:

1. Both photos must be original and unedited.
2. There is a limit of one photo for each entry (so, merge both photos together).
3. Photos are selected/posted based on the following:

  • Originality:  Photos showing action or uniqueness will be posted ahead of others.
  • Closeness to the old photo:  You must copy your old pose, recreate the old background, and wear similar clothing to the original photo. Please, if we do not see any effort in recreating the old scene, your photo will not be uploaded.  This is to maintain the theme of this album.
  • Time gap between photos:  The greater the time gap between the photos, the better chances of it being included in the album.
  • Quality:  Clearer shots have a better advantage.

4. When merging the photos, the old photo should be on the left side and the now photo should be on the right (or top and bottom for larger group shots).

5. Watermark/label the photo at the bottom showing your name/group name and the approximate dates of the two shots.  For example:

“Juan Dela Cruz:  Ako Noon (July 1962), Ako Ngayon (June 2010)”.

6.  Photos that are lewd,  obscene, or sexually suggestive in any way will not be posted.

7. Only photos sent via email to the following address will be considered:

[email protected]

8. Photos posted on the Definitely Filipino Facebook Page wall will NOT be considered.

9. There is space for only 200 photos in the album.  So the earlier you submit your photo, the better.

10. JPG (JPEG) photos only please!

Salamat po, and let’s have fun!



Here are some of the previous favorites, to give you an idea.  

TIPS: When recreating the old photo, pay attention to detail and copy the exact action.  For example, If you had your hand on your hips on the old photo, do it in the new photo too, if you were looking at the ceiling at the old photo, do it in the new one too, etc!  Doing so would almost guarantee that your photo will be posted! :