Akala mo ba Madaling Malasing?

Photo Credit: Asian Flush
Photo Credit: Asian Flush

One common cause of lover’s quarrels is drinking habit.  Although it is usual these days to see women drinking, it is rare to see men nagging about his woman’s drinking, while it is common for women to nag his man for irresponsible excessive drinking. These could be because men understand why he is drinking, the pleasure and misery he gets from it, and why sometimes he gets over his limit.

Why do men drink?  There are a thousand and one reasons why men drink, exclusive of course of those who have drinking problems. Majority of men worldwide drink because it is a part of their culture. Another of the most common reasons is work.  Ii is not always stress related, but long hours or days in the office is tiring and boring.  Men think they have to drive away their boredom by drinking the day away. Sometimes it is in celebration of a job done, or just a nice way to kick back pent-up frustrations and emotion from a long work week.  There are also men who drink simply because it is what they have always done since high school, college, or during their younger years. They feel that it completes them in a way.  It had become their source of recluse, a sort of dimension level where they can hide their bashfulness, timidity, cowardice and other sorts of character weaknesses. Others however find it easier to socialize with friends regularly with a drink or two, instead of just sitting around the house or a park for several hours.

Well, alright, these could be acceptable reasons to drink, but why get drunk?

Nowadays, getting drunk is one of the most popular activities amongst young adults. One would find an assortment of drunks in college campuses on Friday and Saturday nights.  Weekends are party times, a time for drunkenness, illicit sex, drug use, revelry, and riotous living. Getting drunk has risen to popularity because society frown on drug use because it is illegal and is new to our culture, compared to drinking, which men had been doing for thousands of years.  Getting drunk is more acceptable. Many consider drunkenness a regular part of growing up equating such activities with adulthood. Most young think that getting drunk is cool like “Rock and Roll.”  Among men, it is considered manly to be able to drink a lot.  Some people get drunk to escape reality, and for fun. Others however want to forget their problems.

Do women get drunk too?  When it comes to alcohol, men and women are inherently unequal.  Contrary to common belief, men and women of the same height and weight consuming the same amount of alcohol suffers differently from its effects. Women gets drunk rather more easily because they have a higher proportion of body fat compared to men.  Fat cannot absorb alcohol.  It is concentrated in higher levels of the blood.  Women too, according to David J. Hanson, Ph. D. have less gastric or stomach enzyme that metabolizes and breaks down alcohol before it enters the bloodstream.  Women absorb 30% more alcohol into the bloodstream than men of the same size who drink equal amounts of alcohol.  Practically, women of average size who consumes one drink will have almost the same effect as two drinks for an average-sized man.

The good news is, according to “Alcohol, Problems and Solutions,” contrary to common myth, alcohol is not fattening, and research has demonstrated that for many women, drinking leads to slight weight loss.

Do coffee, eating, drinking lots of water or sleeping ease the effect of alcohol?

There are many beliefs that eating food, drinking caffeine, sleeping it off or walking it off can speed up the sobering process. These are, in fact, just myths. Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach and the small intestine. Eating food just slows down the absorption process. When a person sleeps or walks, alcohol is still being absorbed into the bloodstream. The only thing that has been proven to sober up a person under the influence of alcohol is time.

What are the long-term effects of alcohol in the body? Alcohol can be addictive, leading to alcoholism. A report done at Virginia Tech University states that prolonged use of alcohol can cause memory loss, personality changes, increased susceptibility to diseases and cancer, alcohol-dependent hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure, heart disease, reduced muscle mass and anemia. In addition, DrugFree.org says that drinking alcohol while pregnant can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, mental retardation and physical abnormalities.

Why do wives nag husbands who had drunk one too many? When a man is drunk, he feels tired, sleepy, numb, and out of focus.  His judgment is impaired, thus has the tendency to ignore the wife, refusing to communicate.  This is frustrating to the wife making her think she is not important and this is when she starts blowing off the steam.

Offer her a drink or two, tell her the good news that drinking women lose weight, and since women get drunk faster than men, when she is down and out, she cannot nag anymore… and that also could make her realize that getting drunk is not an easy task.  Hindi madaling malasing!


Author:  Gilbert Miranda

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