About Magna Kultura’s Larong Pinoy Advocacy in the Philippines

Palarong Pinoy, i.e. “Larong Lahi” are the games of our heritage. It is cherished by generations of Filipinos as a cultural treasure. It was played by our forefathers, our grandparents, our parents, as it is being played by our children today.

The tradition of play is passed on through generations. It is very much alive in Philippine society today amidst the modern era of technology.

Larong Pinoy“, the Filipino Traditional Street Games, is an advocacy by Magna Kultura Foundation in the Philippines to sustain the games in  the mainstream Philippine society.

Larong Pinoy activities are organized by Magna Kutura Foundation to sustain the games, and as a way to foster appreciation of Filipino culture among the new generation of Filipino youths.



Amidst the age of computer games, Magna Kutura launched the Play Camps to promote active outdoor play, and to open an avenue for children to play with neighborhood friends.

Larong Pinoy outreach programs promotes the game play mechanics of the popular traditional Filipino street games games like Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Luksong Tinik and other Pinoy games.  The sports clinic features systematized drill instruction methods and a mini-tournament session for hands-on application.

There are many benefits that play offers in the lives of children: it’s healthy as they become physically active; it’s also social, as they build strong camaraderie with their neighborhood friends.


Playing the Pinoy games are convenient and inexpense. We believe that once children learn to play these games it will build wholesome camaraderie among kids in the neighborhood, bring back the fun and enliven communities, at the same time create bonding among parents and grandparents about games they which they are familiar with.

The Larong Pinoy Play Camps are conducted by Magna Kutura in a sports clinic fashion teaching detailed mechanics on how to play each game — and we call it “Eskwe-Laro©”.  It’s fascinating to see the kids to each drill exercise, giggling their way through each task.  The ‘scientific’ methods for teaching Larong Pinoy is something never before done in the history of the games.


The activity transforms people, transform places. It revives a way of life and fun in communities. We are passing on something that children will remember forever in the lives. And we believe that long after the Play Camp have left their community the legacy will live on, in their barangays and among their children’s children.


Magna Kultura Foundation is using the Larong Pinoy advocacy as a cultural solution.  Instead of lecturing kids on about Patriotism and family bonding — through “play” we let them experience the Filipino Spirit.

In a creative and fun way, we instill Patriotism, and make them realize that the games are Heritage Games played by their parents, their grandparents, and that these are truly Filipino games.  We also make them proud to be playing a game that has been passed on from generation to generation.  Larong Pinoy will make them proud to be part of the rich Filipino heritage.


Magna Kultura Foundation is an education-for-development NGO, and has been conducting educational and cultural programs in schools and barangays.  Magna Kultura Foundation was founded in the year 2003 and is a duly registered organization with SEC Registration Certificate No. CN200312428.

Currently, our efforts are focused on activities that promote Philippine history, national culture and pride for Filipino heritage.  In the past, we were instrumental in the organization of the nationwide Kite Flying Festivals organized in regions, as well as with many theater arts workshops conducted in barangays.






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About Dickie Aguado (Magna Kultura Foundation)

Dickie Aguado is the Executive Director of Magna Kultura Foundation, an education-for-development NGO that promotes arts & culture in the Philippines; a Social & Cultural Entrepreneur who implements community engagement programs at the grassroots of Society; conducting Cause-Related Campaigns and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in society.