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Why Definitely Filipino?

This blog and the Facebook Page was born from the idea that we should further our culture regardless of where we are, or where we were born. It is meant to be interactive so everyone can learn from each other.

Around May 2009, our founder was browsing Facebook’s other Filipino Groups and Pages and realized that there wasn’t really a place in Facebook where Filipinos can mingle and meet others. These Groups/Pages, though promoting Filipino culture and pride, did not have interaction between its members. Their members would simply visit the group in the beginning, then forget about it afterwards and seldom return. This is the basis and philosophy behind this Page. It’s the place to come, learn, interact and belong….

We were founded July 27, 2009 and has since grown close to 5 million members (as of March 2018) — the largest culturally-related Filipino group on the internet!

This is a Public Blog

Definitely Filipino, the community blog is a collection of posts by the public and therefore does not necessarily reflect the views of the company and individuals making up Definitely Filipino, the company.  Therefore, please keep in mind that even though we edit all of the articles published in our community blog, we only revise the articles for typographical or grammatical errors.  These articles are published as the original author(s) intended them to be, and therefore responsibility lies with its original author(s).

Contacting Us

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