A Shepherd’s Pain in the Heart

Sadly, not all sheeps want to belong to a flock.
Some prefer to opt out and go where their fancy takes them.
Away from a watchful shepherd 
who looks after their welfare and safety.

I have been the kind of shephered for over six years now
who goes out and searches for lost sheeps.
But not every lost sheep wants to be found.
Not every lost sheep wants to be saved.

Some have chosen to stray far away,
and got ‘devoured’ by wolves disguised in sheepskin.
One sheep will soon be a mother at 14,
I can only bow my head and pray for her.

Another got mesmerized with gang fun and wine,
as if partying is all there is to have a happy life.
And still another changes boyfriends regularly
as if there’s a list she has to complete.

With a heavy heart I can only surrender.
I’ve done my best, given out chances.
But some sheeps just don’t want to be saved,
I can only bow down my head and pray.



About Mommyjoyce

Isang simpleng nanay na adik magbasa, adik magsulat at adik sa anak! Idol ko si Mother Theresa, kaboses ako dati ni Ate Shawie Cuneta (joke); maawain sa mga madudungis, siga sa mga taong nang-aapi, at lifecoach sa mga kabataan at mga magulang na walang ibang makausap, Ang simpleng motto ko in life: Cherish everyday (not just because it could be my last); kundi kasi, bukas iba na naman ang flavor ng buhay! Kaya namnaming maigi!