A Service for the Poor

teresaThe Preferential Option for the Poor serves as a call for us Christians to be an instrument of The Lord in reaching out to the poor. Not only to the ones who suffer poverty but also the vulnerable members of the society like those who are imprisoned, those who are oppressed, the children, the weak, etc. Helping the poor is an option which is not optional. If reaching out is a must for us Christians, then why are there people starving and suffering from poverty? How could the fortunate ones forget the less-fortunate? How could the leaders of the society live by the pleasures and the evils of temptation and forget their responsibilities for the helpless? Why is there inequality between the rich and the poor?

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” The person who said this is the one who lived by the Christian ways. She made a great impact on the Christian Community, influenced and touched the hearts of many people. She is Mother Teresa who had shown unconditional love for the poor. An individual cannot feed thousands of people but if everyone contributes, then everything is possible. It is not the amount of money and the number of canned goods that matters, it is the eagerness and willingness to give a helping hand wholeheartedly. You give until it hurts for it will be much greater but if you no longer hurt, it means you already give for LOVE. Always keep in mind that God is very generous because when you give, He returns a hundredfold.

People who are spiritually weak are also considered one of the vulnerable members of society. Sometimes, poor people are also poor in spirit. They need spiritual guidance. Love for God and faith in Him is the most powerful armor against all trials. No man can live without The Lord. If you love God and live by His name, you start to love your neighbors. Keep in mind what God said, “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.” I have always believed in the power of love for it can bind us to be one leading us to one goal. Always remember, at the end of the day, you will not be judged on your success, riches and achievements but you will be judged based on how you played your role as a Christian in the society.

As a Christian, I will try my best to reach out even in my simplest way. Give food to the street children and donate clothings to the needy. It may seem small but I know it can be a big help for them but the best I can offer them are my prayers for I believe that prayers are very powerful.

As you end this day, always reflect on everything you have done then start to say your prayer. Change if you have to so that as you start another day tomorrow, a question will be crossing your mind. How will I start to live another day the Christian way?

About Paula

I started writing when I was in Grade 6. I started as a feature writer in our school paper then I was chosen to be the one to represent our school during the Division Schools Press Conference in the field of Editorial writing. I was able to enhance my skills in writing and gained awards from contests which made me a Campus Journalist.