A Scene to Ponder On

Saw this on my friend’s Facebook wall. Made me ponder on something seemingly small but makes an impact. A lesson in life, no doubt.

There are seemingly ordinary scenarios outside of our comfort zone, and yet some would linger in our minds; leaving a relevant impact.

A shared post by Sir Teddy reminded me of a number of instances when we’re out on the streets and handing out blankets for some homeless kids and aged people. While some were very eager to receive a blanket each, there were those like the man in this story whom you have to convince – with a smile – to take it.

And just like Sir Teddy I would leave that place with a smile still lingering on my face plus a short prayer.

Here’s the post story:

A strange thing happened to me today.

He was reading a Bible as I approached. An English Bible, to boot. The kind they have in hotels. I tried to share with him part of the food I was bringing to the office but he initially refused. He pointed to several plastic containers of food in his small pile of possessions, pagpag leftovers from some dump but still food to him anyway. He insisted that he had all the food he needed. I persisted and put on my best smile if only to convince him I meant well. Only when I pointed to him that the small cup of siomai I was offering was hot and fresh did he graciously accept with profuse thanks.

Surprising how a man like him knew what is enough for him to live on. That anything else over what he needed is just that – an occasional treat.

Was smiling as I got back to my driver’s seat. Mumbled a short prayer for the man. Nice twist to a stormy morning.

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