A Rose for Kia

Photo by JolEnka (Pixabay)

“I’ll always find a way to forget you, but I always fail. How dare these feelings of mine for you! Each day, everytime I wake up you’re always on my mind. I tried… you must know how hard I tried…

Her heart was bleeding inside when she said it to the man that she truly loved before, but he left her with nothing but a wounded heart. She admitted that until now, he is the only man that she ever loved and the only man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Even though he left her without any reasons.

“I only needed a space in order for me to have time to think. I’m not ready for a lifetime commitment before, but now I’m ready. I’m not here to claim your love. I’m here in front of you to ask forgiveness from what I have done before…” He started to cry. When he left her it gave him so much pain too but he needed to go. He didn’t like to break the heart of this girl. But he did for a reason. Reason that only he and his family knows.

“Asking forgiveness for what? Forbreaking my heart? It’s hard to forgive and to forget from all the pain that I’ve been through since the day you left me,” she said to him. Her knees started to fall into the ground.

“Don’t tell me about pain, Kia. If you were knew how hard it was for me to leave you… how painful it was for me… if you only knew…”

These were their last words to each other before they finally came to end their story. It always gave him so much time everytime he reminisce their last conversation. He is now lying on his bed.

He didn’t want to die too early but he can’t do anything. He needed to face his fate. He left Kia without saying goodbye before. He doesn’t want Kia to know about his cancer. Yes, he is sick, very sick. He was numbed by the pain everytime his brain was aching. He didn’t like to take every dose of medicine. He didn’t savor the pain of every injection to calm him down when he suffers from the delirium of his sickness. And when he closed his eyes, he knew it was the last…

“Will you take this man, for the rest of your life in sickness and in health ‘till death do you part?” Kia was brought to the reality of the present when the priest repeated the question for her. It was the day of her and Troy’s wedding. She accepted Troy’s offer to be his wife though it was a one-sided affair. Before she gave her answer, the tears have started falling. And a minute later she said “yes”. While she was saying yes, Andrew has taken his final breath.

A month later…

Kia found out why Andrew decided to leave her.

Since then she never stopped crying. Her married life became miserable. Yes, a truly miserable one. She is now a battered wife. Troy is a drunkard and a gambler husband. He was aggressive. She feels like she living in hell.

She opened the letter of Andrew. He wrote it before he finally rested his feeble body.

Dear Kia,

You’re the only woman that I’ve ever loved. When I’m with you, I knew that magic really works. But things were not the same like before. I’m sick, very sick. That’s the reason why I chose to leave you. I don’t want you to suffer too. You deserve someone better than me. Someone who can stand for you for the rest of your life, and who can gave you beautiful children. And I’m not that man. Before I end up this letter, I want you to know that I love you, I always do.



Again she is crying. She has never forgotten this man. The only man that she ever loved…

The birds are singing in the sky. There are many media people who want to cover the whole story. The police was in the process of investigation and controlling the crowd. The woman was lying on the floor and every corner of the house have blood stains. A man is hanging from the ceiling. Everyone was in horror.

And through the middle of the investigation on that night, a nine-year-old girl came. She cried when she saw the lifeless body of her parents. The policemen interviewed her, but she couldn’t speak because of trauma.

Years passed by…

Another love story was created and another tragic ending took place…


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